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Hi. Hello.

Weíre Proud Americans We donít stare at each other Because weíre not Creeps, Losers or Cowards, Perverts or Pedophiles

Writers are the only ones Who have license To stare Because staring Is weird to begin with

The reason why writers May stare is because Weíre taught how to And when to stare Rather than to stare Out of sheer Perversion Or for sport Or some sort Of morbid competition Or for sexual desire

Writers hold Creative License For which Allows the writer To see deeper Than just a pretty face, Or an Over sexualized look Or sex

Writers donít look Or stare To get Sexually noticed

Writers notice The beauty and the injustice In others And make it right

Beauty is deeper than skin Beauty is about The human soul

Writers arenít starved For attention Or require to Have our Back ends kissed

Writers arenít insecure People who wonder Who wants sex Because we have a cause And a purpose Much larger than sex

Writers donít objectify humans Writers donít dehumanize others Writers donít take advantage of others Writers know what weíre talking about Writers donít look For preferential treatment

As an Indigenous Maya Public Writer Iím always told by White Privilege Abuse The only role For me is to play Maid to white privilege people

As a public writer Iím told I have to stand Behind white privilege people Walk behind white privilege people And be lesser than White privilege People

White people always Want me to feel Or act lesser Than white privilege

For some reason Every woman who Sees me with my White husband Seem to think Iím last or less Than their white beauty Therefore such women Seem to think itís easy To de-thrown me as a wife Because Iím Maya

Itís so easy to see the Disrespect in White Privilege Abuse

For some reason White women Seem to think Life is a competition So hypothetically Itís easy to Take my spot Because Iím not Their equal Because Iím not white

No matter how much Or how hard I work White Privilege Abuse Is always telling me Iím not an equal woman To other women Because Iím not white

Why does White Privilege Abuse Doesnít think I hold the same Rights and privileges as White Privilege when all I do is work to make White Privilege rich

No one could do my job As well as I do Because if others Were in my position Then one has to go Without shoes, clothes or Proper winter gear Unless I buy it Otherwise White Privilege Doesnít support my endeavors, Needs or wants

So I forge forth And work, work, work, Clean and work some more For very little or Nothing in return

Thereís nothing to be Gained by working for White Privilege

The only hope Is White Privilege Notices how badly They treat or allow Others to treat Oneís own Indigenous Wife

White privilege loves To have oneís wife Treated badly Because the abuse Makes White Privilege Feel esteemed

So, why am I here? I fell in love with White Privilege Abuse Therefore I contribute And give of myself When respect is very difficult To come by

The wife of White Privilege Ought to be treated well With high regard Whether Indigenous or not

Instead I have to sit on the floor And shine my husbandís shoes Because not even my White Privilege husband Looks out for me Because White Privilege Always wants to be admired And be given preferential treatment So long as I clean And donít complain about Always being left out Or having to carry the load Or having to put up with White Privilege hatred

Yes, I deserve a medal For just being here And constantly Discarded, hated and used

White privilege doesnít Like to be told ďNo, youíre wrong.Ē

White privilege wants To be admired So long as the Indigenous go without Much of any resources

White Privilege Abuse Loves to exclude The Indigenous While we clean, work and work Without much compensation, Reward or pay

Americans are Inclusive By Nature As a Country Full of Immigrants, Refugees and Adoptees

Weíre a country For which doesnít Exclude Our Adoptees, Immigrants Or Refugees Or Non-vaxxers

Americans Are Fierce Weíre not A Nation/State Of perverts or pedophiles

Yes, I respect Each and every Individual

No, I donít call out people Unless they are Nearly on top of me Then I go New York, New York And Let out A verbal diatribe

Usually, I freeze, Each and every time Anyone is a pervert with me Then I Properly react With Verbal Strength

It takes me a moment To react Or to get reactionary

This past September 2021 While entering one Of the light rail cars I was yanked backwards By a black man On a bicycle Grabbed my backpack, I got loose Unto the subway car And got away Whew!

This October 2021 I was held at gun point Three weeks later, The gun man Apologized to me And now weíre friends. Yep. The gun man Promises there will be No more violent outbursts From him Because I gave him The Lecture of a Lifetime About how Americans Arenít stupid and violence Simply because someone holds A Difference in Matter of Opinion

The gun man And I will not ever again Have problems Between us On The West Bank, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The only real thing In the world is Respectful Communications

However, if youíre An abuser and believe You deserve to be violent Then others Will put you in your place

No, I have not ever been A Prostitute, No, I havenít ever been A Drug dealer No, I havenít ever been A Stripper

No matter how much My abusers call me A ďprostituteĒ I havenít ever had that Type of money Nope

No, I havenít ever Committed a Crime I havenít. No, I donít know how to Committee a crime Yes, I follow the law.

No, I donít break the law. No, I donít even J-Walk.

No, I havenít ever Been institutionalized For any reason Because I am A logic and reason And A Public Writer Who makes Sense out of the world

Itís my job to Find metaphors, parodies, Far-fetched imaginary examples And analogies In the endeavor of Life

As a public writer My job is to always Tell the truth.

No, Iím not a ďpubicĒ writer As White Privilege tells me Yes, Iím a Public Writer.

No, I donít ever thief, Lie or do anything Out of misconduct Because I am A Public Writer

Yes, Iím under oath To tell events, Happenings and words Exactly as they occur

Yes, I can quote anyone

Yes, Iím smart, kind and intelligent Even if White Privilege Abuse Says otherwise

The woman comes first

. The woman is more important Than the man Because men take advantage

No man ever allows for his Wife to have to sit on the floor Or to have to go without resources Because the man wants To be noticed more than the Wife While the Wife has to always Be in a supporting role

I havenít been supported in so long I miss feeling like a human Who is loved, respected and cared for

I miss being treated like a whole human

The injustice is to always have White Privilege Abuse think White privilege is better Than the Indigenous

Truly Yours;

Gabriela Holm Normandin

ďPura VidaĒ Costa Rican for ďTo The Good LifeĒ

Copyright 2022 Holm Digital All Rights Reserved.

"No matter what the provocation, I never fire a man who is honestly trying to deliver a job. Few workers who become established at the Disney Studio ever leave voluntarily or otherwise, and many have been on the payroll all their working lives."
--- Walt Disney

"The first thing I did when I got a little money to experiment, I put all my artists back in school. The art school that existed then didn't quite have enough for what we needed, so we set up our own art school."
--- Walt Disney

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