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Artist Statement

No Staring
No Gawking
No “Double Looks”
No “Triple Looks”

Simply because
Americans are quarantined
This doesn’t make
Americans Social Idiots

Hi. Hello.

Yes, I pass all weekly psychological evaluations

. Yes, I live with thyroid cancer.

No, I haven’t ever gone to jail.
No, I haven’t ever spent any time in a mental institution.

No, I haven’t ever been a prostitute.
No, I haven’t ever been a stripper.
No, I haven’t ever been a drug dealer.
No, I haven’t ever committed a crime.

Yes, I have been in the back of a squad car and sheriff’s car, however. I have always been dropped off at the subway station because I’m the one with broken bones.


Look, I’m cool incarnate. I was born cool, I am cool, I will die cool because I don’t have weird insecurities and gross sexual hang-ups like the Minnesotans.

Look, I make the social rules because I have traveled the world outside of Minnesota.

No matter how absurdly sexually disgusting the Minnesotans are through their passive-aggression, other people ought not to ever be socially Minnesotan because the Minnesotans get it wrong every time and they know it therefore they justify their social misbehaviors as sexual deviants and social perverts.

Look, no one has license to stare except me because I’m a public writer thus and therefore I’ve been taught to notice details about others without only noticing good looks, a pretty face or a wet vagina or seek sexual attention from men because that’s just stupid.

Look, no one is allowed to stare except me because staring at people or gawking or “double looks” or “triple looks” is only for perverts, creeps and the over-sexualized brain damaged or Letcher.

Look, no one has any license to stare because only public writers hold such freedoms simply because one gets trained to notice details for literary writing.

Look, the Mexicans stare in Mexico except they’re the perverts of Latin America so no one ever wants to be or hardly ever associate with overly sexualized Mexicans. The Mexicans are considered pathological liars, abusers and manipulators so the rest of the Latin American world stays far away from Mexicans. Nobody wants to be like the Mexicans delusions of sexy because the rest of us don’t have to try to be anything unlike the Mexicans.

Even the Mexican Maya are considered incredibly creepy by Latin American standards.

Isn’t anybody cool anymore?
Has everyone gone stupid during a pandemic?

By global standards staring is incredibly rude.
By global standards stopping to talk to people on the street because someone is incredibly lonely and wastes time is incredibly rude and disgusting.

By global standards always forcing a connection is incredibly rude, not to mention creepy.
By global standards offering to buy alcoholic drinks to a monogamous married man is considered whorish and looking to have one’s anus finger fucked.

By global standards needing to be sexually noticed is mental illness.

By global standards needing to be close to one’s crush is considered lunacy to stalk any married couple, especially at the bar.

Yes, living in Minnesota is the creepiest social experiment on Earth.

The reason why I like New York City so much is because you can go to the Deli, the grocery store and the post office without pathetic, lonely and desperate women practically throwing themselves at every single married man they see.

In New York City one can get around without so many zombie creeps making excuses as to for why they’re creeps all by themselves and justify being creeps, perverts or sexual deviants.

Mainly, I miss being an integral part of a city life where other people let you be you and human without needing to crush you or wanting sex from you everywhere one goes.

Basically, I miss mature adult lifestyle in which one may be able to go about and conduct one’s domestic lifestyle of running errands or take-out without at least one to five women in a room gawking back at me to see if I am watching the women who so badly want to make eye contact with my husband, so, I don’t miss a thing in public. I see you and you see me looking back because I’m not the rude one.

Gawking at people is deeply rude because it’s a mental weapon to be cheaply noticed when no one wants to notice the ugly Minnesotans yet the Minnesotan make it a point to be seen and noticed even though it’s the last thing anyone ever wants.

Yes, I’m the only one allowed to look hard or stare or gawk because I’m in the professional line of business to do so which happens to be public writing.

No, no one may stare or “steal looks” at us as a monogamous heterosexual married couple because that era of the pedophile or oversexed brain damage died a long time ago.

Youth and beauty is overrated because everyone gets old and no matter how much face cream one applies each night everyone (smoker or non smoker) end up with wrinkles around their lips.

Personally, I can’t believe how wrinkled non smokers end up looking in their seventies and eighties.

Only writers may stare or gawk while everyone else minds their own business and looks away.

Yes, I encounter the rich and famous and I don’t ever stare or gawk at them because it’s incredibly rude so I don’t go out of my way to make people feel small, insecure or disgusted.

Monogamous Heterosexual Marriage

Yes, we’re monogamous heterosexual married couple. Correct.
Yes, we’ve been in Couple’s Talk-Therapy for the past five weeks.
Yes, Couple’s Talk-Therapy does work and gets the man to stop hitting the woman.

Yes, domestic violence abuse is constant as in weekly or daily because an abuser chooses to hit simply due to the simple fact one may disagreed upon or question or not want the same things as the abuser then the abuser takes it upon themselves to hit their spouse while women hardly ever hit because we don’t want to get hurt.
Yes, this is the sixth day without any physical domestic violence abuse. Yay!!! Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock and Co. Yes! We’re doing it.
Now, we have to work on my spouse not to spit in my face as a weekly sadistic practice and release from his frustration to hardly ever make use of eloquent speech or articulate his emotions.
No, women don’t ever hit men unless we must self-defend.
No, I don’t ever hit anyone no matter what because I don’t know how to hit and I don’t ever think to hit thus and therefore I get lucky I self defend with natural athletic ability because I’m forty pounds less than my spouse. I’m 130 pounds while my husband is 170 pounds.
No, women don’t call themselves “cunts.”
Yes, its men who make women’s lives miserable and men know it.

Yes, men are manipulative liars and they know it, too.

Yes, abusers in particular are pathological liars thus one must protect from psychological abuse, verbal abuse, economic abuse and emotional abuse above all other abuse because abusers do want to break a spouse’s spirit, their mind and soul then pretend the abuser is the victim when they cause all the harm.

As the Shaolin monks very well know, broken bones get stronger and heal themselves so broken bones is nothing compared to on average ten hours of psychological abuse of being called a “stretched out monkey cunt.”

Personally, I’m someone who silently sits and conducts research. I don’t ever enter a room and start harking on another personal present. I’m not continuously on top of another human criticizing, demeaning, denigrating or judging them because I’m not so uncouth as to even think I may conduct such malarkey unto another individual human being needing to think and process by themselves.

All one ever hears me say, “Please, stop calling me derogatory names.”
The main problem with abusers is if they don’t hit then they swear and name call for up to ten, thirteen or more hours on average per day and that can make a person’s brain hurt like an ice cream headache.

No, I don’t ever get hopeless about anything. I get annoyed to be bombarded with nonstop constant name calling, however. I rise above it because psychopaths and abusers are cowards and bullies are cowards.

Personally, I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with bullies and abusers so I leave it up to the psychologists to figure it out and put an end to the madness of Intimate Partner Abuse so all I can be is a witness to and testify to this: don’t ever let any abuser get you down on the floor or on your back because once an abuser starts to kick then such a brute won’t stop therefore you stay upright and don’t ever allow for a bully to hit you.

One doesn’t necessarily hit an abuser because in order to hit one has to train for that sort of thing. I don’t have any training in anything other than the peaceful martial arts such as Tai-Chi and Rilke so all I can do is to block punches and kicks thus and therefore I do.

The only reason why I can self-defend is because I was an avid sailor for eighteen years and while completely sober I can not only block a punch I can also begin to crush a fist because my body gets so scared I hold on for fear of more punches coming at me therefore I hang on like I would hang unto ropes to a sailboat. I don’t mean anything by it, however. I can stop myself while an abuser will kick up eighteen times in the stomach, the chest, the legs, the ankles, the feet, the ribcage, the kidneys, the breasts, the buttocks and the head if you leave yourself open so you don’t. An abuser will kick you in the head so don’t let them because they’re so gross.

Most people don’t kick, period, except for abusers.

Personally, I don’t believe in what women’s battered shelter advocates suggest which is to curl up in a ball and take the beating. Nope. If one takes the beating then the beating will go on for hours. You’ll keep getting knocked down or thrown to the ground so you don’t go down and if you do then you better stand back up and defend like a man even though we’re women and terrified of abuse.

The best way to deter a bully is to immediately leave the premise.

If one isn’t able to leave because all a bully and abuser ever does is block doorways then don’t ever curl up into a ball and take a beating because that’s just stupid and ten times more dangerous than if one stands upright and self defends because by the time you’re on the ground then as a woman you don’t stand a chance.

No, Maya women don’t self-harm or commit suicide because men are cruel or incensed because men have been cruel and incensed since the beginning of time.

We know all, too, well: if men are overly spoiled and not well emotionally brought up by their narcissistic mothers then such men become abusers. Period.

Men with narcissist moms grow up to be abusive men because manipulation and lies and abuse are all such men know how to communicate therefore and thus such men communicate in the same manner as their deranged and delusional cruel moms especially hence once the mothers have begun to show signs of early on-set dementia at the age of 90 then abusers hit even more because they’re afraid their mommy won’t be around anymore which eventually old moms die.

As modern women we have been taught to use the vernacular speech such as, “If you keep swearing at me then I’ll have to shoot myself.”

Vernacular speech isn’t literal.

No one is going to blow out their brains. No.

This modern saying is simply a strong way to convey “you need to stop swearing at me.”

Even though mostly anyone knows I don’t keep a gun and I have absolutely no intention to kill myself just because I’m called a “cunt” or “monkey scat” or “guerilla” or “ugly pockmarked stretched out cunt whore” because I’m none of such things and I don’t deserve the abuse because I haven’t ever been a “whore” “prostitute” or “derelict.”

All I have ever done is stayed home and made vegan snacks, read research and watched fantastic films. I’m a cool, relaxed homebody who loves to take care of the home and read a lot to keep up with my intellectual skills. Period.

Truly Yours;

Gabriela Holm Normandin

“Pura Vida” Costa Rican for “To The Good Life”

Copyright 2022 Holm Digital All Rights Reserved.

"No matter what the provocation, I never fire a man who is honestly trying to deliver a job. Few workers who become established at the Disney Studio ever leave voluntarily or otherwise, and many have been on the payroll all their working lives."
--- Walt Disney

"The first thing I did when I got a little money to experiment, I put all my artists back in school. The art school that existed then didn't quite have enough for what we needed, so we set up our own art school."
--- Walt Disney

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