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The Process (2010)

What Were You Watching? (2009)

Perspectives On Steppin' (2007)

Da Family (2006)


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On The Screen (2007)

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Artist Statement


Hello. Hi.

No, Iím not a medical doctor.
No, I donít pretend to be a medical doctor.

Yes, I live with cancer.
No, Iím not dying from cancer.
Please, make important distinctions.

In these American quarantine times, we must not get paranoid simply conducive towards excellent hygiene and hand washing.

Since I live with a compromised immune system with an auto-immune disease which continually this auto-immune disease re-grows tumors throughout different parts of my body in different organs then Iím definitely no threat to culture or society at large.

Yes, Iím quarantined away from children or the elderly.

Yes, Iím getting quite of work done through remote access digital media.
Yes, the entire world is always changing.

Yes, the goal is not to ever again touch people because viruses will dwindle down world populations.
The #1 rule is to keep your hands to yourself.

Yes, since October 2013, I live with thyroid tumors of the throat.
Yes, I know all about tumor science.
Yes, the probability of tumors turning into cancer makes health a challenge.
However, not impossible.

Yes, while living with tumors then one always has ďone foot in the grave.Ē

The other foot is fantastically alive and having fun with healthy snacks, remote computer work and tons of research for grant writing, fellowship writing, film contracts and feature-length film writing as well as the ďbreaking of the breadĒ amongst beloved ones.

Yes, the only way not to have tumors turn into cancer is to keep stress hormone levels low, do Buddhist transcendental meditation and get plenty of good sleep.

Yes, smiling and laughter does actually help towards the healing of tumors and cancer.


Yes, each day I give thanks and praise for being strong, robust and healthy.

Yes, this Covid-19 virus will soon be a thing of the past.

Yes, about thirty-thousand cases of Covid-19 in America which is 10% of the population.

No, Iím not worried about any virus because viruses can be fought off.

Yes, Iím more worried about cancer therefore I donít worry about the tumors.

Look; the world is always and constantly changing therefore all humans can do is adjust to the changes.

Yes, weíre still running our publications empire through remote access digital media.

Yes, this week weíve suspended all operations, however.
Weíre still conducting business.

Yes, weíre going to make it through this because we are.

Yes, Iím more worried about cancer.

Yes, Iím feeling very good.

America, letís feel good together.

America, Iím still working for you as a quiet Tycoon making millions of dollars while under a 10-year contract to advertise within a five state area for childrenís hockey and childrenís baseball and for all and any military veterans and their families. Yep.

Yes, Iím steadfast at the helm.
Yes, Iím second in command.

Yes, as a tycoon my responsibilities are great to military veterans and their families therefore single-handedly on Saturday I saved an entire graphics design department from remote access digital media.

Yes, on Saturday, March 21, 2020 I re-taught myself three graphic design programs and learned the entire work of a graphic design department in only four hours.
It took an entire graphic design department five years to do, I taught myself in four hours.

Yes, I single-handedly saved our publications empire from remote access digital media. Everywhere, I go people tell me Iím brilliant. Thank you.

Yes, Iím a silent partner and shareholder to our publications empire therefore my rescue efforts are awesome and I prove to be brilliant on top of it all.

Before the quarantine all of our employees screamed at the boss and threatened physical violence against the boss or threatened quasi $63.50 lawsuits against the publications empire therefore through remote access I jumped in, to do the job of an entire staff.
I got it done.

America, Iím right here.

My beloveds, Iím always on this channel and on this line.
Iím always working on some project or other.

Iím right here.
Youíre not alone.

All of My Love;

ďDe La Pura Vida,Ē
ďTo the Good LifeĒ (According to the Costa Rican greeting.)

Gabriela de la Holm

Copyright 2020 Holm Digital All Rights Reserved.

"No matter what the provocation, I never fire a man who is honestly trying to deliver a job. Few workers who become established at the Disney Studio ever leave voluntarily or otherwise, and many have been on the payroll all their working lives."
--- Walt Disney

"The first thing I did when I got a little money to experiment, I put all my artists back in school. The art school that existed then didn't quite have enough for what we needed, so we set up our own art school."
--- Walt Disney

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