††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Obeservations




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Policies into Bills

To be made into Laws



(Statistically, I will research this number)


Annually (per year) Ten Million Americans (85% women) deal with Intimate Partner Abuse which is more than all of the cancer diagnosis put together (per year) (thirty-five thousand women die per year from breast cancer, ten millionwomen deal with domestic violence abuse, (yikes) (which brings us to stricter laws since about 1935) and there will be laws written and passed by both Congress and Senate to deal with Intimate Partner Abuse as well as Cyber-bullying and as well as Write and Pass Anti-prejudice women laws, or anti-prejudice gay and lesbian and transgender and transsexual laws, or open ďFree TradeĒ markets, or Monopoly regulations yet leave Amazon and Apple intact because conglomerates arenít monopolies, Stock Market Regulations, Cannabis Legalization or EPA Expansion, or universal free healthcare and universal free Higher Education, defund police departments for the specific purpose and function to only solve hard crimes such as homicides, burglary and hate crimes and gun regulation laws, or anti-brutality police regulations and laws and anti-gun violence regulations and laws against the brutalization of black men and other minority citizens and civilians, or free childcare, or increase taxes on the wealthy 1%, or friendly environmental laws, or free early childhood classes, or free public school lunches, or ending this two decade long warfare in the Middle East and redistributing funds to veteransí welfare and educational infrastructure, or immigration reform, or rightly so turning corporations back into what corporations are which is institutions rather than lending a false identity to corporations as individuals, or no oil pipeline through the Midwestís heartland, equal pay for equal work, single payer healthcare system, or raise the minimum wage to $21.00 (twenty-one American dollars) hourly rate per increase (ďhikeĒ) of annual inflation in the markets according to Mr. Bill Moyersís information and research, or voter suppression laws, or free media without politiciansí threats or bullying or intimidation against the Free Pressís journalistsí or reportersí lives who must get home in-time for supper and a bedtime story, or modern American infrastructure such as public libraries and public arboretums and public gardens and public sculpture gardens and public solariums and atriums and public planetariums and public graveyards as safe municipal services to all American private citizens and civilians or, or, orÖetc.


††††††††† Literary Disclaimer: Writing is creative literary arts. Writing isnít real. Writing isnít any type of psychological test. Writing isnít conversation. Writing isnít spoken word. Writing isnít speech giving. Writing isnít lectures. Writing isnít talking. Writing isnít actions. Writing is thoughts written down to convey logic and reason. Writing isnít ďwitchcraft.Ē Writing is letters, punctuation and grammar.


††††††††† ďConstructive criticismĒ feedback is for when in person or for critical papers written in school or for newspaper critics whose jobs is to write critiques about the culinary arts or the arts or films and for ďwriting workshopsíĒ roundtables. Content is creative writing. Writing isnít erratic since writing isnít a person. Writing is ideas and thoughts and opinions. Writing is consistency to practice writing. Writingís work. Writing Englishís a task de jour.


††††††††† My main Literary Goals:


††††††††† To write with the Queenís English.


††††††††† To write as closely as possibly to ďdead white malesĒ otherwise writing isnít considered any good.


Writing isnít Speaking


††††††††† Modern speech is modern.


††††††††† Modern speechís authentically empathetic.


††††††††† Speaking isnít writing.


††††††††† Talking isnít writing.


††††††††† Discussion isnít writing.


††††††††† Conversation isnít writing.


††††††††† Creative writingís creatively experimental in nature.


††††††††† Mother Nature is cruel at best.


††††††††† Writingís after the fact.


††††††††† Writing isnít any crime.


††††††††† Writingís any discipline.




Tuesday, July 5, 2022




(Leo Rostenís Treasury of Jewish Quotations)





A book: ďManners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home TrainingĒ By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public

Or at the house


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.




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Word Count Goal for the week: 1,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000




††††††††† Hi. Hello.


††††††††† Happy Tuesday!


††††††††† Happy Fourth of July




Mentally Competent






Thursday, June 30th, 2022

I was asked to be

Assistant Manager.


It took me 10 weeks to make

Assistant Manager

Itís only $17.00 per hour

For way more headache


Yes, I work for

The greatest corporation on Earth

ďDollar TreeĒ


Iím a cashier at Dollar Tree

I love my job.


I make $15.00/per hour


Per 8-hour shift I

See one-thousand customers

Which I donít ever

Have any problems

With any customers


I love my job.


As a graphic designer

I made $16.00

Per 8-hours per week,

Except worked 25-hours

And made about

$250.00 every two-weeks

For four years


I starved.

My feet hurt.

I couldnít ever

Afford tennis shoes


No, Iím not gold digger.

Iím the antithesis of gold digger.


I helped carry an entire

Family company

And wasnít ever compensated

For four years of work

None stop Sunday through Sunday


Commission ad sales

Doesnít make any money

Unless one owns the company


My job at Dollar Tree

Is the greatest job Iíve ever had


Iím having more fun than ever before.

Truly, all of our co-workers get along


Iím taking care of business


I make about $900.00

Every two weeks

On part-time work


Paying off bills and

Some court fees

Coming up


Iím not worried.

I always pay bills.


Yes, I have paid off $1,000

In Property Damages


Gladly, I will pay

Property Damages


If the properties donít get fixed

Then itís not my problem




A Misdemeanor

Isnít a Felony


Yes, I lived on Ewing Avenue North

From August 2012 - October 2018


No, I not once or not ever screamed

By myself


One word: Funcheeseís


The Funcheese Family

Have been living

On Ewing Avenue since 1982

And terrorizing the

Entire Neighborhood

For years

Because to this day,

The Ewing Avenue neighbors

Still call the police

On a weekly and monthly basis

So it wasnít just me


Look, I havenít seen the Funcheeseís

Since October 2018


However, I am being informed

The police is still called to Ewing Avenue


When I lived on Ewing Avenue

I didnít scream, yell or swear all

By myself




The Funcheese family members

Would come unto my front yard

And threaten to kill my dog!


No way!


Eventually when you deal

With that every single week


Then oneís retort is this:

ďGet the fuck off my property!Ē


Then I would call the police

Except the police didnít

Ever do anything and blamed

Many incidents on me when

I was only going out to the mailbox


The entire Ewing Avenue

Is still terrorized

By the Funcheese family


Seriously, Iím not going to curl-up

In a ball and die


So the next best thing

To do is to assert power

When anyone is

On your Property

Literally spitting in my face

And threatening to kill

My dog


I mean, really


Whoís insane now?

I have not once threatened to kill

Anything much less an ant




No, I didnít lose my brains with

The Funcheese family of Ewing Avenue


Simply, I let them spit on me

Going to go get the mail


Then the police would say I was the problem

Except the problem was the

Funcheese family

Hurting the entire neighborhood


I not once screamed, yelled or swore

By myself


However, after I was spat in my face

With twenty Funcheese family

Members in my front yard

Then I would start yelling

At 20 intoxicated alcoholics

Trying to hit me all at once


I was petrified and still

Held my ground by the mailbox


Thereís no way, youíre not going

To hear me say,

ďGet the fuck off my propertyĒ

You already spat in my face three times

And thereís twenty of you

And only one of me


No way!


I proved my innocence.


I let myself be abused

And yet still stood up for myself


Not once did I ever spit on

The Funcheeseís face.

Not once.

I did yell, scream and swear,

However, I didnít spit on anyone.


The Funcheeseís would take their

Alcoholic drinks and throw the drinks on me

While going to the mailbox.


How awful!


Whoís insane now.


Ten or twenty angry

Mob like black drunk people

Throwing drinks on you.


I was terrified therefore glued to the ground

Yet my mouth ran


I donít know why cowards get so scared of

My verbiage whenever I am angry

Because thereíre the people

Physically harming me

While all I do is yell and scream

In colorful language to get away from me

Which it is my right to get

Ten people off my front yard

Who want threaten to hit me

Or possibly kill me

While all throwing alcohol on me


I didnít cry in front of the Funcheese family,

However. I wept. I was so scared and alone

Living on Ewing Avenue while the entire

Neighborhood called the police

And the police were prejudiced and blamed me


However, ten people on one person.



No way!

Iím no threat.


I havenít ever spat or thrown anything at anyone





No, I have not once or ever hit anyone


Throwing a glass of water on someone

Is considered

Physical Assault


How do I know?

Video Recording is King!


Everything is video recorded.

I have done nothing wrong

Other than rightly defend myself


I didnít hurt or injure anybody

Other than ego.


No, I havenít ever hit anyone

No, I havenít ever slapped anyone

No, I havenít ever kicked anyone

No, I havenít ever chocked anyone.

No, I havenít ever suffocated anyone.


Yes, Iím dealing with a misdemeanor


Yes, on Friday, April 29, 2022

After being spat in

My face three times

I took my water bottle

And hit the side door of

A car


Yes, on Friday, April 29, 2022

There was a warrant for my arrest

For throwing water on a 90-year old

Who wouldnít Stop

Her Screams

ďProstituteĒ or ďGorillaĒ at me

So I threw a glass of water

On a 90-year old


No, Iím neither a ďprostituteĒ

Nor a ďgorillaĒ


Definitely, Iím not a nigger.


On Sunday, May 3, 2022

I called the police myself

Because I was locked-into

A basement apartment

And my wallet had been taken from me


On Sunday, May 1, 2022

Neither the police nor I

Knew there had been

A warrant for my arrest on

Friday April 29th, 2022

So off to jail I went


On Sunday, May 1, 2022

At 10:30amCT

I spent one night in jail

And slept the entire time


I spent one night in jail

Since I had a knee brace

Then I was all alone

I slept


Now, on August 10, 2022

The Ramsey Court

Will have me evaluated

To see if I am

Mentally Competent

Mandated by

A court psychologist

Which my auntie

A Retire Hennepin County

Social Worker

Does indeed attend

My Court Hearings with me


No, Iím not incompetent.

I have a job which I am really good at


I have an apartment which I had

To be voted into


Yes, splendidly get along

With everyone

From my co-workers

To bosses

To customers

To attorneys

To supervisors

To housemates


Getting into my housing

Was more difficult

Than undergraduate degree



Seriously, I donít have any problems with anyone


On Friday, July 1, 2022

I had a pre-trial court hearing


With the Public Defender

I wept tears of relief

Because I thought I

Would be thrown in jail

For throwing a glass of water


Now, via third party

Since May 12, 2022

I have been told

By other parties, I

Would be going to jail or

A mental institution

For the rest of my life

For throwing a glass of water

Or hitting a our car with

A water bottle after being

Spat upon my face


Iím not the pervert.

Simply, I am reactionary

When I have been spat in my face

Because Iím sober

And donít drink alcohol


Now, I wept tears of joy

With my Public Defender

Because she said my

Misdemeanor is the lowest offense

And to get sleep and

Donít talk to anyone about my case

Not to let anyone scare me

And thereís no reason to

Think Ramsey County

Is going to harm me

Because I am

A contributing member of society


Iím a good human being.


Personally, I donít know why

Everyone wants to scare

Me into believing

Iím going to be locked away

In a mental institution

When I make a lot of sense

And Video Record everything!!!


I donít scream by myself.


If I am physically harmed

Or put under duress for hours

By being called a ďProstituteĒ

Which Iím not then I do Raise

My voice and say,

ďStop calling me names!Ē


I donít know why black or white

Minnesotans donít ever stop their hatred


All I did was hit our car with a water bottle

All I did was throw water.


If youíre being called a ďGorillaĒ

Or being spat upon

Then walk away.


Throwing water on someone is

Physical assault so

Donít ever hit any object or

Throw water on anyone


No, I donít belong in a mental institution

No, I donít belong in jail.


No, I didnít do anything to

Warrant so much prejudice and hatred

Towards me


Yours Truly,






Sunday, April 17, 2022




(Leo Rostenís Treasury of Jewish Quotations)





A book: ďManners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home TrainingĒ By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public

Or at the house


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.




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Word Count Goal for the week: 1,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000




††††††††† Hi. Hello.


††††††††† Happy Sunday!


††††††††† Happy Easter 2022!








Husband and Wife




Park Point, Duluth, MN


Friend of the Family


Park Point, Duluth, MN



Was hit by a bus

While on his bicycle


Became Brain Damaged

Didnít ever recover

From Severe Head Trauma Injury


Became extremely sexual

Over sexualized

And made sexual

Advances upon every

Pretty face he liked


Brain Damage is very much like

ďIntellectual DisabilityĒ

Because the amphibian brain

Is all there is

And not much else

Of anything else


It appears with

Both brain damage

And ďIntellectual DisabilityĒ

To lose the ability

To be finesse

At sexuality


The reason why

Minnesotaís horny teenagers

Are ďcreepsĒ

In public

Is because

The over-sexualized

Body language is

So overt and way over-the-top

One can barely swallow

Oneís hamburger

Being stared at

By horny 14-year olds

Staring and staring.


What do you want from us?



What, you want to jump into our food

Do you want to become our food?

Do you want to come home with us?

Do you want a mommy and daddy?



Get off our back, now!



Only I humiliate myself


Whenever I humiliate myself

Is because

My Husband isnít

Morally Supportive

Because all he does

Is make commentary

About every teenager

He sees


I ask my husband,

ďWhat do you want from me?Ē


ďDo you think thatís fun for me?Ē

I ask.


Every single place, we go

My husband comments

About the physical attributes

And age of every teenager we see.


So, with thyroid cancer I put

The room in their place


To talk about the physical attributes

Of teenagers is against the law.


No, I donít want to hear

My husband speak

About every single 14-year old

In front of us


No, I donít want to hear whispers

About how old any woman is


No, I donít want to hear whispers

About every womanís hair


No, I donít want to hear whispers

About any womanís legs


No, I donít want to hear whispers

About any womanís shorts


No, I donít want to hear whispers

About any womanís height




Four-years of my wasted youth

Hearing my husband either literally

Whisper to me

About other womenís looks

Or I have to hear

About their age

Or I have to hear

About what theyíre wearing


Jesus Christ!

Give it a rest!


My husband humiliates us

By staring at any pretty-face


My husband starts

The manipulation

And weird nervous energy

In public


My husband attacks me

And my looks

By always gawking,

Staring and whispering

About other womenís looks


Iím a woman.

Do I look like, I want to hear

About other womenís looks?




Who cares?


Pay attention to me.

Have my back.

Have moral support

Stand there

And donít say a word

Like any other husband


Four-years of my wasted youth

Watching my husband look at

Every teenager in the place


My husband is so obvious

Heís brain damaged

Because no other

Man does what

My husband does


Even Fathers seem

To welcome

My Horny 60-year old Husband

Looking at their 14-year old daughters


Except 60-year old Fathers

Donít allow the dehumanization

Of their 14-year old daughters


15-year olds are too old


The 60-year old Fathers

Are stunned

My horny

Brain damaged

60-year old Husband

Even dare look

At their Minnesota

14-year old daughters

Like pieces of meat


Look, if parents donít talk

To their 14-year old daughters

About appropriate

Public Behavior

Not to stare back

At brain damage

Then one isnít

Allowed to take their children

Out in public


The public is for adults


Children are lucky

To be invited to go out


Of course,

Children are always welcome,

However, children, teens and youth

Must abide by the social rules

Of mature adulthood because

Adults arenít toys

And life isnít a game.


Yes, I will write an entire book

About being married to

Horny Brain Damage


Long before, I ever met

My husband,

My Husband had had

Many hits to the back of his head


Yes, I have spoken to

Psychologists about

My husband having an

Affinity for 14-year olds


Yes, whenever any man gawks

Or stares or gazes upon

14-year olds then

It is the job of sober mature adults

To stop such nonsense

Of any 60-year old man

Staring at 14-year olds

In grocery stores, the mall,

Restaurants and the street


With my husband,

Itís like he has mild retardation


To be 60-years old

And constantly comment about

14-year olds everywhere

Then oneís not stable


What wife wants to listen to

Her husband talk

About the looks of

14-year olds everywhere


Not one single

Pretty faced 14-year old

Is ever enough

Because everywhere

We go

My husband

Looks for the 14-year olds

And makes a comment

To me about

The 14-year olds


No wife would

Want to listen.


Four-years of my wasted youth

With a husband who is always

Scoping-out the room for any

Pretty faces

So no pretty face is ever special

Because there are so many

Pretty faces everywhere

So no oneís special

And everyoneís

A piece of meat


The problem with any

Man always commenting

About 14-year olds is



Such a husband doesnít

Ever give his wife respite to

Relax in public and

To be a woman while making returns

Rather than having a husband

Who is always scoping

Any public establishment

To make eye contact with

Any 14-year old pretty-face


So, everywhere we go, I

Receive absolutely no moral support

While my husband is constantly

Needy for attention

Or nervous

And wonít relax,

Or wonít become a full mature adult

And live and let live

So that I may conduct errands

Without my husband

Always abandoning me

To look for pretty-faced 14-year olds

As well as, comment to me



Iím tired of being informed

Of every pretty-faced 14-year old

In Minnesota


Itís tiresome to have a man

Not once or not ever

Respect his wife.


Itís tiresome to be

With a husband who

Is horny 24/7 for

Every woman he sees

Then quickly forgets about

Until the next pretty face


No woman in this town is special

My husband stares, gawks and gazes

Upon any pretty face because he is

Brain Damaged


Truly yours,




Sunday, April 10, 2022




(Leo Rostenís Treasury of Jewish Quotations)





A book: ďManners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home TrainingĒ By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public

Or at the house


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.




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Word Count: 1,813

ord Count Goal for the week: 1,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000




††††††††† Hi. Hello.


††††††††† Happy Sunday!




††††††††† Credit Score of: 766 points, April 2022




††††††††† Yes, weíre Heterosexual Monogamous Exclusively Married:

††††††††† Husband and Wife: Four years of Marriage:


††††††††† Yes, having my own tiny one-room apartment for $302.00 a month is the greatest thing I have ever done for our marriage because we are respectful of one another.


††††††††† Yes, I will keep my tiny one-room apartment for the next decade. Yep!




††††††††† No, I donít cheat


††††††††† If I am ever (which Iím not) incorrectly accused of cheating then all I have to ask is ďwith who?Ē


††††††††† To slander anyone is a liability and possible law suit.




††††††††† One main goal to be an American is to be Self Sufficient:


††††††††† Personally, I donít know much about the life or the man for which was Benjamin Franklyn, however. I do know much about Franklynís innovations, technology and science, art and nature.


††††††††† Personally, I do find both the spirits of Benjamin Franklyn and Tesla to be innovative and one century ahead of their contemporaries. Iím personally drawn to anything innovations by Franklyn or Testa.



March 2020

Personally, I injured my

Left knee cap

Or patella


Incorrectly doing

One ballet exercise


One incorrect ballet exercise

And I dislocated my knee cap




No joke


††††††††† During a two-year pandemic, I finally just now bought a ď3M FuturoĒ knee brace, size medium, moderate support for everyday living as well as properly snug fit and I can still fit two-fingers at the top and bottom of the brace shafts.


††††††††† March 2020, I personally injured my left knee cap or patella by twisting my knee incorrectly inward during a ballet exercise so now Iím finally dealing with my left knee cap displacement injury and bought a great brace and I do feel extremely supported and wonderful.


††††††††† Everyday for two years my left knee has been swollen so finally I decided to go to CVS and purchase and 3M knee brace and itís the greatest decision I have ever made rather than not make any decision at all because Iím either quite a ďslothĒ or ďtortoiseĒ about making any type of decision at all about anything. Iíll go without medical care or furniture for years simply because I donít know what decision to make. No joke. Iím wired this way.


††††††††† However, once I make a decision then I make it and correctly.


††††††††† Finally, I decided to do the true, extensive and correct research about my knee cap or patella and look at the gruesome pictures of shattered knee caps and what exactly a shattered patella is and where or how many broken pieces there can be or whether oneís dealing with torn ligaments which one canít allow for torn ligaments to stay torn especially not around the patella or blood can get inside the socket of the bone.


††††††††† So, after much research I discovered for my type of injury I do require a snug brace with a closed knee-cap brace support.


††††††††† My patella isnít broken, however.


††††††††† The knee cap did shift and the ligaments are torn therefore I must reset the ligaments back in place with a knee brace and Iím so grateful 3M invents over-the-counter knee braces so that I may be able to self medicate since I donít have any health insurance and I pay out of pocket.


††††††††† Yes, for two-years I have been able to put weight on my knee and it doesnít hurt at all and I can walk around all day and it doesnít hurt, however.


††††††††† For two years my left knee has been swollen, twice-the-size of my right knee, as well as when I go either up or down the stairs then my left knee cap has excruciating sharp knee pain right on the patella otherwise my knee cap is just fine most of the time, minus the constant swelling or walking up or down the stairs.


††††††††† The last two nights in a row, I have iced my knee and this morning my knee was 1/3 less swollen than I have seen in it in two years!



ďUgly little-boy haircutsĒ

Grow out


Unless professionally trained

Please, donít ever cut your

Own short hair


Long hair is different


Short hair is for professionals

To cut


Ok, my ugly hair cuts

Have grown out


Now, I grow my hair down

To my waist and I wonít ever cut it again


My tyroidism is whatever


As of late my skin and hair

Are growing in soft


Super soft hair


After 16 years of brittle hair


††††††††† During a two-year pandemic I learned to cut my own hair, badly.


††††††††† Yes, I continually gave myself ďugly little-boy haircutsĒ so I kept cutting my own hair hoping to get a different outcome and not once did I get a different outcome until my hair got chin-length, now I put my hair in a ponytail at the nape of my neck and unevenly cut because engineers have told me to and my hair grows exponentially.



Hygienist Dental Cleaning Tools


At Home:

One canít over clean

Or over scrape


††††††††† During a two-year pandemic I learned to dental clean my own teeth and went to Amazon and bought hygienist cleaning tools for less than ten-dollars and have done a wonderful job on my teeth. Yep! Correct.



White Strips

Twice a year


April and October


Deal with coffee or tea stains


††††††††† During a two-year pandemic in April 2020 and April 2021 I put together a budget to purchase white-strips and havenít gotten through one single treatment without stopping. Yes. Correct. I keep stopping in the middle of white-strip treatments therefore I donít get my teeth as white bleached as I want.



Bacterial Belly Infections

Smells like Dead Fish


††††††††† During a two-year pandemic in February 2022 I took care of an aggressive belly button bacterial infection with an over the counter antibiotic ointment and I did wonders for my belly button!!!


††††††††† Since August 2017, I lived with an aggressive belly button bacterial infection because I was, too, scared to be seen by a doctor and to be told I had torn stitches inside my belly button or possibly required another belly button surgery when all I had was a bacterial infection that stunk like rotted dead fish and I took care of it February 2022 with something as simple as an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment. Thank you, America!


††††††††† No, I donít have any torn stitches in my belly button. I had an aggressive form of bacterial belly button infection that smelled like the death and I was horrified.


††††††††† Again, I smell sweet like roses.



Bacterial Lung Infection


Yes, I have a reoccurring

Bacterial Lunch infection

With green mucus


For bacterial lung infection

One must consume

Ginger, Turmeric,

Vitamin A,C,D

And Zinc in moderation


Cayenne Pepper

Is supposedly

Good for

ďSmokerís coughĒ


††††††††† Since I was a child, long before I ever begun to smoke cigarettes, Iíve always had ďwet lungsĒ or bacterial infections with green mucus and no matter how much antibiotics I took as a teen ager I couldnít cure the Ďwet coughĒ so I quit sport and began smoking cigarettes and got into art school.


††††††††† No matter how much I quit smoking cigarettes or smoke I have ďwet lungsĒ or bacterial infection in my lungs which requires antibiotics, however, I havenít taken regular antibiotics since 1996.


††††††††† Yes, the disease I live with is hereditary.


††††††††† Yes, Iíve always had a lung bacterial infection and antibiotics help as well as homeopathy.


††††††††† My next goal in life is to cure my own bacterial lung infection which I think has much to do with acne.


††††††††† What I donít understand is why science doesnít have a cure for bacterial lung infections or acne.


††††††††† I would love for anyone to find a cure for acne. I would.




††††††††† This week spent $265.00 in H&M


††††††††† I havenít bought closes in one year!


††††††††† Oh, My God! I love H&M Clothes!


††††††††† The last time I bought a wardrobe was December 2013 and to this day none of the Armani clothes have not one single scratch or tear or hole. Amazing.


††††††††† Iím upgrading my wardrobe with $12.99 pastel greens, blues and pink halter top and open back dresses for summer.


††††††††† After two-years of a pandemic and so much death, Iím once again buying and wearing purple, green, blue and pink pastels. I love it!


††††††††† I love pastel colors and will wear them for life.


††††††††† No more depressing blacks or grays unless itís a deep and classy cardigan or soft high quality knit.


††††††††† No, I donít show skin except for my shoulders, arms and open back. Yep.


††††††††† Yes, I like a dress with a complete open back or sweaters with complete open backs. I think itís the classiest.


††††††††† Yes, I will wear skinny jeans for life, Itís so comfortable. One must properly size correctly for skinny jeans.


††††††††† I love the soft look of soft pastels, I wonít ever go back to black or gray ever again.




††††††††† Looking for non-mesh running shoes


††††††††† Yes, I have to find a pair of running shoes which arenít mesh.




††††††††† If the Timberwolves are losing then I do fall asleep


††††††††† Yes, if the Timberwolves do loose by a landslide then I do fall asleep on my husbandís shoulder because we work a lot and workweek nights I get tired.


††††††††† My bedtime is 9:00pmCT.


††††††††† Overly sexualized or overly animated women in clown make-up do indeed creep me out, I stare at any woman who makes herself out to be an episode of the Twilight Zone.


††††††††† Women who want to be noticed with overly dramatized facial expressions or over the top hand and arm gestures with crooked looking faces possibly due to too much alcohol do get stared at by me and mine. Yep.


††††††††† People in the stands can be extremely lonely and starved for attention thus and therefore we donít venture out to the Timberwolves when itís one of my favorite things to do in the entire world is to go see the Timberwolves at home court.


††††††††† If the Timberwolves are losing then I will fall asleep, I donít care. I will.


††††††††† I really want a Timberwolves girl T-shirt in pastels.


††††††††† I bought all pastel clothes this season and got myself out of black or gray.





††††††††† Yes, we keep up with baseball


††††††††† Yes, for four years, I have been looking at to where to purchase MN Twins literal apparel fans for hot whether like in Barcelona, Spain the way the ladies fan themselves in hot summer months thus and therefore I am looking to find a summer fan with the Minnesota Twins logo to go with my skirts and dress outfits worn with jeans and T-shirts underneath my dresses or skirts.


††††††††† Yes, Iím a girly-girl Tomboy!


††††††††† Iím super girly yet practical.


††††††††† Yes, I do want to eat vegan hot dogs at the Minnesota Twins.


††††††††† Yes, we will get nose-bleed stand tickets and get a vegan hotdog.


††††††††† Thank you.



††††††††† Yours Truly,


††††††††† Gabriel


Thursday, March 24, 2022




(Leo Rostenís Treasury of Jewish Quotations)





A book: ďManners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home TrainingĒ By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public

Or at the house


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.




Upload: 2:00pmCT

Word Count: 1,383

Word Count Goal for the week: 1,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000




††††††††† Hi. Hello.


††††††††† Happy Thursday!




††††††††† Yes, weíre Monogamous Heterosexual Exclusive Married


††††††††† Yes, this past weekend I spent $300.00 to wine and dine my husband.


††††††††† Men make more money than women therefore men pay as a husband pays for his wife and not the other way around unless the man is a ďstay-at-homeĒ dad then the wife pay each and every time for not having to raise children.


††††††††† Yes, March 7th, 2022, I did sign a lease to my very own room/apartment. The monthly rent is $302.00 per month. Iím so grateful. Itís so beautiful. On March 7th, 2022, I paid $800.00 for a down deposit and first monthís rent. I feel very lucky to have the money to have these freedoms.


††††††††† Monday, March 21st, 2022: My credit score went up to 765 which are considered excellent. On Friday, March 18th, 2022, I paid off $800.00 off my credit card


††††††††† My 2021 IRS Federal Tax Return cheated me out of $1,835 dollars.


††††††††† Last year, 2021, I only made about $7,000 and Turbotax did my 2021 taxes for free and found about $3,153 dollars, however.


††††††††† The treasury only returned a refund for 1,318. Bummer.


††††††††† The Federal government hasnít given me my third stimulus check for $1,400 so Iím still waiting.


††††††††† Iím also waiting for MN State Tax Return for $435.00




††††††††† Life Notes:


††††††††† Crypto-currency Day Trading:


††††††††† Yes, I could have begun day trading Crypto-currency September, 2021. However, I couldnít figure out the change from TCF Bank to Huntington Bank. Itís been a rough ride.


††††††††† No, I couldnít figure out what was the problem between my bank and Coinbase Wallet. I hadnít signed-up my bank account to the online banking or the app. Iím set. I did it. I walked through the process with a phone agent.


††††††††† Coinbase Wallet is the most beautiful app and most beautiful program or systems I have ever signed up for.


††††††††† Yes, Coinbase Wallet ought to be unregulated and allow the app to be as organized, beautiful and user friendly as ever.


††††††††† Day trading ought to be as easy as crypto-currency day trading.


††††††††† Although, crypto-currency can be day traded and night traded 24/7.


††††††††† Yes, on Thursday, I lost the chance to purchase Bitcoin at $39,000.

††††††††† Iím bummed out because I always told myself to go ahead and buy Bitcoin the moment I could and I could have bought on Friday at $39,000 because thatís inexpensive compared to what Bitcoin could be.


††††††††† Today, I bought at $43,000 because Bitcoin is going to $100,000 and I wrote that September 2021.


††††††††† News Articles have also predicted Bitcoin will go up to $100,000 by May 2022.


††††††††† It would be silly for me not to buy into Bitcoin when I know Bitcoin will shoot through the roof. Weíve all known that our entire lives.


††††††††† Now, letís move forward.



Coinbase Wallet App


Super User Friendly


††††††††† Right now at 1:29pmCT:

††††††††† Coinbase Wallet Portfolio Balance is $99.21.


††††††††† This morning I began to day trade with $102.00.


††††††††† Yes, I placed $100.00 (USD) into my Coinbase Wallet and Coinbase Wallet had awarded me $2.00 for taking two quizzes and getting the answers right.


††††††††† Ok, today Thursday, March 24th, 2022, I, Gabriel, bought Bitcoin (BTC, $50.00) and Ethereum (ETH, $50.00) for fifty dollars each).


††††††††† BTC: $50.00, (USD) 03/24/22, Amount: 0.00110633 BTC, Total: $50.00 Exchange Rate: $43,395 / BTC.


††††††††† ETH: ($50.00, (USD) 03/24/22, Amount: 0.01571223 ETH, Total: $50.00

Exchange Rate: $3,055.58 / ETH.





††††††††† The reason why I bought Ethereum crypto-currency is because one must purchase Ethereum in order to buy, trade, sale NFTís which are non-fungible tokens and canít be easily replicated.


††††††††† The sequence code to NFTís is locked into the blockchain which helps the blockchain not to get hacked into because one-of-a-kind graphic design art is one-of-a-kind graphic design sequence code which upholds the blockchain to secure the code to the blockchain.


††††††††† Specifically, I have been asked to please put my face on the NFTís. Iíve been told my face is my ďtrademarkĒ to NFTís graphic design because I have the face I do and itís considered ďbeautifulĒ so I have been asked by multimillionaires to please start an NFT with my face on it. Okay.


††††††††† Aside from NFTís being based on gaming caricatures, Iíve been studying the NFTís of unpublished graphic design artists and Iím blown out of the water by the incredible graphic design art specifically by women. Iím blown away. Iím left speechless at the future of NFTís and the art out there ready to be launched except women email and ask me how to launch their NFTís and I tell them, they must first day trade crypto for as little as $10.00 and by Ethereum crypto-currency and to go and upload or download their NFTís except I havenít done it yet and I will then I will write/blog about it until I start the Vlog about crypto-currency day trading and NFTís.


††††††††† Graphic design doesnít ever get old.


††††††††† My favorite art is visual art work. I canít look away. I love art work.


††††††††† Seriously the NFT Graphic Design for which women have emailed me has been breathtaking. Thank you for sharing with me. I was astounded by the Graphic design art work. Yep.


††††††††† NFTís are a way to keep the blockchain from getting hacked because the one-of-a-kind Graphic design art work is locked into a sequence of numbers into the blockchain thus and therefore as the blockchain is continued to be farmed for more crypto-currency than the one-of-a-kind graphic design art work holds the sequence of number into the blockchain creating a secure code like a secure banking system therefore NFTís are more like secure banking numbers than just graphic design for the sake of being pretty.


††††††††† NFTís are like your secure banking numbers.


††††††††† The Russian spies have nothing because innovation and software systems will always be kept highly guarded through Graphic Design art work because one-of-a-kind art is not even close like banking numbers because the code of the art design is whatís so radically secure and difference in sequence and patterns that really, no one, can touch that.


††††††††† Digital Graphic Design Art Work is what will keep the crypto-currency banking system safe from the Russians and Chinese.


††††††††† NFTís graphic design art work holds a vitally important job to always secure the Blockchain from getting hacked no matter how much the graphic design art work is ever replicated the original graphic design has a reference number and an authentic code in the Blockchain.


††††††††† Pretty awesome.


††††††††† Graphic design became the way to ensure security for crypto-currency banking systems thus and therefore NTFís are the future.


††††††††† Yes, ďminingĒ or computers generating large security sequence codes to create and build more crypto-currency banking secure systems is definitely a dirty business and not environmentally friendly, however. Neither is coal, gas or electricity cheap nor environmentally friendly either.


††††††††† The ďminingĒ of crypto-currency takes large computers to generate such numbers and codes for which are super secure thus and therefore I believe more in crypto-currency banking codes than I do cash banking because both are quite different and worldís must collide and become one because crypto-currency is so cool.


††††††††† We must help secure the financial freedoms of all citizens in the entire country and world wealth for the betterment of all.


††††††††† Yes, I was against crypto-currency for twelve years and wrote against Bitcoin being unregulated until a pandemic happened two years ago and now I am the number one fan of Bitcoin because this country requires for all of our people to eat, shelter and financial reassurances going into the future which looks promising to hold us all up.



Yes, I own



Right now I have losses

And I donít care


To purchase


And to Day Trade


Is the same

As purchasing

Real Estate


Personally, Iím so giddy

And excited to have

Purchased a piece

Of the future


Look, Blockchain

Is environmentally

What it is,

However, the future is about

Going paperless


Blockchain will figure out

A cleaner way to mine



NFTís are here to stay

Itís only the beginning


††††††††† Coinbase Wallet is the coolest thing I have ever seen.


††††††††† Now, I think the Chase app is awesome.


††††††††† Both apps are super user friendly and easy to navigate.


††††††††† On Thursday, March 17th, 2022, I was refunded $248.00 on my Chase rewards card back unto my credit card.


††††††††† By Monday, March 21, 2022 my credit rating is now 765 which is considered excellent.


††††††††† Truly Yours,


††††††††† Gabriel


Saturday, March 12, 2022




(Leo Rostenís Treasury of Jewish Quotations)





A book: ďManners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home TrainingĒ By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public

Or at the house


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.




Upload: 11:33amCT

Word Count: 634

Word Count Goal for the week: 1,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000




††††††††† Hi. Hello.


††††††††† Happy Saturday!




††††††††† NFTís are here to stay; NFTís are one of a kind security


††††††††† The Vlog will be launched.


††††††††† Once the world sees my face talk about subject matter than everyone will relax about my ďwriterís voiceĒ as a crabby old man.


††††††††† Yes, Iím two years late to get the Vlog up and running.


††††††††† Finally, I decided to start a Vlog about Crypto trading and how to start with $20.00 as I will start this Wednesday when $20.00 goes from my bank account to my PayPal to my Coinbase wallet because my bank is having difficulties.


††††††††† Bitcoin is here to stay as well as NFTís.


††††††††† Look, I didnít take all of that graphic design 1996-2000 just to have the market think NFTís are going anywhere because NFTís are here to stay.


††††††††† NFTís are the greatest way not to get hacked into Crypto bank accounts.


††††††††† Look, I have a lot of Paperwork and havenít gotten around to even making the time to glimpse at Photoshop and make one professional NFT because I ran the entire graphic design department to a publications company from March 2020 - July 2021. Iím serious business. My graphic design has been published in public.


††††††††† My films, photographs, public writings and graphic design have all been publically published because I donít have anything to hide or I donít have anything to make-up.


††††††††† Lifeís definitely more than the imagination. I write nonfiction because life is really weirder than imagination. I donít ever know what I am going to say. I donít ever know exactly whatís going to happen so life is fun in the sense of so many errands get done and so many responsibilities and paperwork.




††††††††† CUB Delicious Doughnuts, March 2022


††††††††† Yes, I am looking for the greatest Doughnut and I think I found them at CUB bakery which I bought them at 5:00pm and 6:00pm Wednesday and Thursday and the doughnuts were soft and fresh and awesome.


††††††††† For decades I have been told not to purchase doughnuts at night and only in the morning, however, I hit the jack pot of doughnuts this week.




††††††††† Notes:


††††††††† Hi, everyone.


††††††††† Hi, world.


††††††††† Ok, letís get to work, letís write.


††††††††† Writing is legalities therefore writing is about liabilities which is about the business of life and explaining the process of money making for all communities and all citizens to be granted free governmental food, shelter and education.


††††††††† America isnít Russia. No.




††††††††† Ukraine, Our Beloved, Russia


††††††††† Personally, I donít know what to write about war.


††††††††† War is bad.


††††††††† War is profitable, however. War is only blood money.


††††††††† As an American public blogger, I have the rights and freedoms to write my opinion about war, any war.


††††††††† Personally, I donít have anything to say about the Ukrainian war, 2022 because in 2011, I wrote volumes on the takeover of Crimea.


††††††††† My heart goes out to Ukraine. My heart always goes out to Ukraine.


††††††††† My heart goes out to our Foreign Exchange Students from Moscow, who lived in our home as part of our family in 1998, Park Point, Duluth, MN.


††††††††† My heart always goes out to Russia and my Moscow, Russia Foreign Exchange students who were serious, kind, intelligent and studious and followed rules to the letter the way I do, we shared meals and broke bread over Russian Orthodox prayers for months and months and months.


††††††††† Forever, I am changed as a human to have lived under the same roof and ever so proudly call the Moscow Russians and their kin, friends and neighbors and community our very own brothers and sisters bonded for life. Thank you.


††††††††† Seriously, I donít have anything to say about war.


††††††††† War is a tedious and cumbersome subject matter to write about.




††††††††† The Timberwolves


††††††††† Yes, I have been writing about the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Minnesota Vikings for the last twelve years, mainly because when I worked at CornerHouse, December 2004-2005 (Video Technician) a division of The Childrenís Abbott Hospital on Chicago and Franklyn, Minneapolis, MN, the salaried employees would also help with the Vikings auction to raise funds and fundraise for CornerHouse. Yes, I literally worked as an auctioneer with the Vikings football division as our partners. Thank you. I was on the ground, I saw, I helped with the auction items, we all did.


††††††††† CornerHouse is a house-like shaped building with professional business offices for which I held my own corner office on the main floor as ďVideo TechnicianĒ


††††††††† Now, the greatest marketing gift ever given to any community is the Arbyís free sandwiches when the Timberwolves make their goal of three pointers.


††††††††† Thank you so very much!!! I have had free lunches for the past two months. Iím ever so grateful for such a great marketing awareness.




††††††††† Arbyís Sandwiches:


††††††††† Now, Iím huge into the organics movement!!! Any organics movement.


††††††††† However, I love Arbyís food because I donít ever get sick and itís super tasty and the food is beautifully and well prepared for consumption known as ďfast food.Ē Thank you.


††††††††† When I lived in Uptown, MN (2006-2012) I was informed by each and every Minnesotan to not ever eat at Arbyís no matter what. So I didnít.


††††††††† Ever since 2018-2022, I have been an avid consumer of Arbyís and love their coupons and their Timberwolves marketing gift to make the three-pointers then the community eats for free. Thank you!!!


††††††††† No, I donít order shakes, fries or anything to keep my calorie count low.


††††††††† Yes, I am huge into vegan.


††††††††† To me food is the most beautiful resource on Earth.


††††††††† Vegan to me means the world.


††††††††† Organics and affordable organics is the past, present and future


††††††††† Thank you to all of the peaceful Americans for supporting affordable organics vegan.


††††††††† Truly Yours,


††††††††† Gabriel


Saturday, February 26, 2022




(Leo Rostenís Treasury of Jewish Quotations)





A book: ďManners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home TrainingĒ By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public

Or at the house


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.




Upload: 12:53pmCT

Word Count: 1,987

Word Count Goal for the week: 1,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000




††††††††† Hi. Hello.


††††††††† Happy Saturday!




††††††††† Color Lenses:


††††††††† I love my SweetLens colored lenses from London. Thank you.




††††††††† Movies:


††††††††† I love the film ďFree Guy.Ē How clever. Thank you.


††††††††† Yes, Iím told as an ESL Harvard Adoptee, I am very much like ďFree GuyĒ Yes, the whole neighborhood in Highland Park, Saint Paul, MN knows who I am and they literally stop to talk to me, sometimes for 15 minutes to 30 minutes because everyone knows Iím outside shoveling or gardening for three years straight and they may stop and talk to me as so often and so many neighbors for miles around do.


††††††††† The whole neighborhood knows Iím Harvard to the retired coaches of St. Thomas Athletic facilities.


††††††††† Every one knows me to be ďGabriel.Ē Yep.


††††††††† People know if I did yell or swear is because I had either been slapped, hit, kicked or punched so I would yell, scream or swear because Iím not anyone who is wired to be physically attacked since I havenít ever had any experience with such absurdity.


††††††††† Iím fair and square. Yep. Cool.


††††††††† No matter what the neighbors from Colorado may or may not think of me, in October 2021, my husband drove off without me around the block, however. Before he did that, the car door swung and hit me. Oh, I was angry as the dickens so I walked back to the block to catch the female wife neighbor across the street babying my husband while I began to yell at her to get away from him and not to favor him or to baby my husband because he had just hit me with the car door and always lies and says I hit him, however. That morning he had hit me with the car door so I put the neighbor across the street in her place and told her to step away from an impetulent child because no multimillionaire Ivy Leaguer man in my family has ever acted so manic as to hit any of the women in our family with the car door then sped off around the block to get into the good graces of the neighbor lady when my husband ought to have been concerned for me and my body.


††††††††† No, I havenít ever committed a crime.


††††††††† No, I havenít ever been arrested.


††††††††† No, I havenít ever been committed to any mental institution.


††††††††† No, I donít ever break the law.


††††††††† No, I donít ever allow myself to be physically abused.


††††††††† No, I donít ever allow myself to be verbally abused.


††††††††† No, I donít ever allow abuse against me because Iím too intelligent and well aware of peace, calm and respect.


††††††††† No, I donít ever allow myself to get used.


††††††††† Yes, abusers constantly abuse without much impunity, however. Once an abuser learns there are serious consequences with certain individuals such as myself then abusers stop physically abusing and take to verbal abuse, commands, demands and mockery except one puts a stop to all of it.


††††††††† The abuser seems to think the wife deserves verbal abuse, however. Verbal abuse has to do with the abuser and not with the verbally abused.


††††††††† Iím definitely a force to be reckoned with and I am not to be verbally abused or literally spat in my face or I will send literary angels to rip out oneís ego.


††††††††† Yes, I Am The Wife.


††††††††† Finally, we begun to do candlelight dinners on Friday and Saturday nights, alone, by ourselves since we live with a 90 year old mean, cruel and verbally abusive Mother-In-Law so we must take times not to include her into our candlelight dinner otherwise life is sexless living with pushy and verbally abusive elderly who lies because Narcissism is such.


††††††††† When you live with a 90 year old woman then you need to have separation of church and state and not ever invite her to your Friday and Saturday night dinner dates because otherwise life becomes extremely sexless with an old woman who complains all the time.






††††††††† Life Notes: No, I donít ever threaten murder or violence:


††††††††† If, I, were to need to, then, I would state the following for hours

††††††††† If anyone is ever manic, screaming or yelling or swearing at me:


††††††††† ďPlease, give me my personal space.Ē I repeat this again and again for hours because I donít drink alcohol or I donít do drugs therefore I know what Iím talking about.


††††††††† Personally, Iím starting to think alcoholics or drunkards simply ďpass outĒ standing up.


††††††††† If at any time an alcoholic goes into a tirade of screams and swear words then I sincerely think the alcoholic is ďblacked outĒ because even if you were to video record the screaming alcoholic, the alcoholic doesnít ever recollect facts and truth to the sequence of events or the order for which anything happens. Shame. I do feel horrible for alcoholics. I do.


††††††††† No, I donít ever aggressively hover or stand over anyone.


††††††††† Goodness, gracious. No! I have no need to be aggressive.


††††††††† Quietly, I sit on my phone and conduct research on NFTís or the stock market, Yep.


††††††††† No, I donít ever threaten to murder anyone.


††††††††† No, Iím not self destructive.


††††††††† All of my family and family-friends, who have ever lived with me, met me or worked with me, all, well know, I do computer work and paperwork. Iím not violent or a liar or a cheat or anything bad, however. I am strict because boundaries are the greatest form of respect and kindness.


††††††††† Yes, I like rules.

††††††††† Yes, I like to follow rules.

††††††††† Yes, I love to be within the boundary of rules.


††††††††† If my husband yells at me and tells me I am a ďprostituteĒ for three hours a day then I simply inform him the following:


††††††††† ďLook, itís been three hours of calling me a Ďprostituteí. I sleep deeply and well, at night, plus, Iím, too, lazy to murder anyone, so, if you think you can ever call any woman a ďprostituteĒ to be mean or cruel or offensive then, any other wife would indeed murder you. I like my sleep and my good conscious clean and happy-go-lucky so I donít ever intent to murder you, however. Iím telling you no one puts up with three hours of verbal abuse everyday for three straight years. If you were to hypothetically hit me then I have the right to self defense with equal force and power therefore thank you for keeping your hands to yourself as my husband. Thank you.Ē


††††††††† Finally, the Ivy Leaguers told me they donít ever believe I would poison anyone. Thank you. My heart swells with joy. Blessed be.


††††††††† Finally, after all these three years in, the verdict is in and the Ivy Leaguers know I am huge into the organic vegetable movement and I believe in neither any types of poisons nor murder.


††††††††† Nowadays one has to be incredibly intelligent to murder because thereís science and technology therefore I donít look like Iím going to be cleaning up any insidious crime scene when cleaning up the dinner plates is already way, too, much of a chore to me yet I do clean up the after dinner plates because itís what mature adults do.


††††††††† Yes, everybody knows Iím working away on writing a murder mystery except thereíre so difficult to read and one has to be so smart to write such genre of literary arts.


††††††††† Yes, Iím truly one of the ďcutestĒ and kindest and strict people one will ever meet with great patience and hilarious sense of humor only because other people have told me.


††††††††† Blessed be.


††††††††† Everyone calls me, ďcuteĒ. Itís true, I am cute. Super cute. Yep. Thank you.


Yes, I look ďlost,Ē

However, Iím not.


Iím right here.



††††††††† If, anything, white privileged women from Minnesota who did a stint for a couple of years in New York City have said to me ďyou seem, Ďlost.íĒ Correct. I am. I donít know how to get around anywhere.


††††††††† As far as confidence and self respect, I have plenty.


††††††††† When people are abusive people then it has nothing to do with the victimized. No one deserves abuse therefore, being verbally abused is none of my business so long as I respectfully stand up for myself because no one allows or lets another person conduct verbal abuse.


††††††††† Chronic verbal abuse nearly splits the brain open with stupidity. One gets headaches and gets tired with the overwhelming raw nerve of verbal abuse as an insidious and constant form of punishment.


††††††††† In America, I do seem ďlostĒ because I have bad eyesight as my white Ivy League friends have informed me.


††††††††† Bad eyesight makes you seem ďlost.Ē I know bad eyesight makes me seem ďlostĒ because I am constantly reading signs from ďblurryĒ to ďnone blurryĒ vision when I squint.


††††††††† Yes, I always look ďlostĒ because I am geographically challenged. No joke. Iím someone who has to live by a GPS and thus and therefore Iím always looking at my phone for directions and geographical references. Thank God for the cell phone.


Yes, Iím innocent

I just spoke with

Judge Craig

This week

And we get along



††††††††† My Heterosexual Monogamous Exclusive Husband tells me the reason why he fell in love with me is because I have ď a certain vulnerability about you, the brilliance of Einstein, and the body of a full thoroughbred Stallion horse.Ē


††††††††† Thank you, I know I come across as a strong person, naÔve in life and completely kind and respectful to the maximum as well as strict in demeanor and stature and I donít care if people agree with my intellectual demeanor and laid back comfortable style. Most people love me even if they hate me Iím the safest person in the room because Iím the most ethical.


Great Respect for Life


††††††††† Summer 2010 I spent three months working on my own and literal personal garden.


††††††††† The only mandate by the property owner was I take each and every single individual worm out of the ground and remove the worms by hand without killing a single worm. I did.


††††††††† The removal of each worm was one of the greatest experiences of my life to cultivate a literal vegetable garden in which and/or for which not one single worm was killed in the making of my vegetable garden. I have a great deal of respect for all living organisms.


Literally, Iím not a prostitute


††††††††† Now, for some reason, constantly Iím accused by my husband of either being a ďprostituteĒ or a ďcheaterĒ which I am none of such nonsense. I havenít ever kissed or even held hands with any man or woman. Iím not like that. I am much, too, cool or, too, comfortable with myself not to ever expose any cleavage or skin or I donít ever flirt or I donít ever touch or I donít ever kiss (at all) or I donít ever hold hands with anyone. Goodness gracious, no!!!


††††††††† So, letís clear this mix up for once and for all:


††††††††† No, Iím not a ďprostituteĒ.


††††††††† Personally, I donít even know what a ďprostituteĒ is.


††††††††† Yes, I do believe in legalizing all prostitution. Yes, correct.


††††††††† No, prostitution isnít my career or field of expertise or not anywhere near close to my lifestyle because I would cry like a little baby and it would be terrible for all around.


††††††††† So, no Iím not any type of sex worker and I havenít ever been a sex worker, nor do I ever expect to be one because I would rather hypothetically die of starvation or frozen temperatures in the North Pole than sale my body for sex because Iím already hardwired and built to be a truly sacred spiritual person and breath-prayer and intellectual entity of facts, literary politics and activism and legal ethics and serious strict boundaries.


††††††††† Yes, as an intellectual writer I believe in legalizing all forms of prostitution to pay taxes in exchange for services.


††††††††† Ok, Iím not any type of prostitute.


††††††††† All of my friends and family and anyone who has ever met me, knows I havenít ever been any type of prostitute, not am I now.


††††††††† For the past 16 years I have been an executive housewife and helped both husbands to get ahead in their careers and make money. Yep.


††††††††† So, letís put it to rest. Iím no prostitute.


††††††††† Yours Truly,


††††††††† Gabriel


Sunday, January 13, 2022


Main Page Artist Statement:


Hi. Hello.


Weíre Proud Americans

We donít stare at each other

Because weíre not

Creeps, Losers or Cowards,

Perverts or Pedophiles


Writers are the only ones

Who have license

To stare

Because staring

Is weird to begin with


The reason why writers

May stare is because

Weíre taught how to

And when to stare

Rather than to stare

Out of sheer


Or for sport

Or some sort

Of morbid competition

Or for sexual desire


Writers hold

Creative License

For which

Allows the writer

To see deeper

Than just a pretty face,

Or an

Over sexualized look

Or sex


Writers donít look

Or stare

To get

Sexually noticed


Writers notice

The beauty and the injustice

In others

And make it right


Beauty is deeper than skin

Beauty is about

The human soul


Writers arenít starved

For attention

Or require to

Have our

Back ends kissed


Writers arenít insecure

People who wonder

Who wants sex

Because we have a cause

And a purpose

Much larger than sex


Writers donít objectify humans

Writers donít dehumanize others

Writers donít take advantage of others


Writers know what weíre talking about

Writers donít look

For preferential treatment


As an Indigenous Maya

Public Writer

Iím always told by

White Privilege Abuse

The only role

For me is to play

Maid to white privilege people


As a public writer

Iím told I have to stand

Behind white privilege people

Walk behind white privilege people

And be lesser than

White privilege People


White people always

Want me to feel

Or act lesser

Than white privilege


For some reason

Every woman who

Sees me with my

White husband

Seem to think

Iím last or less

Than their white beauty

Therefore such women

Seem to think itís easy

To de-thrown me as a wife

Because Iím Maya


Itís so easy to see the

Disrespect in

White Privilege Abuse


For some reason

White women

Seem to think

Life is a competition

So hypothetically

Itís easy to

Take my spot

Because Iím not

Their equal

Because Iím not white


No matter how much

Or how hard I work

White Privilege Abuse

Is always telling me

Iím not an equal woman

To other women

Because Iím not white


Why does White Privilege

Doesnít think I hold the same

Rights and privileges as

White Privilege when all

I do is work to make

White Privilege rich


No one could do my job

As well as I do

Because if others

Were in my position

Then one has to go

Without shoes, clothes or

Proper winter gear

Unless I buy it

Otherwise White Privilege

Doesnít support my endeavors,

Needs or wants


So I forge forth

And work, work, work,

Clean and work some more

For very little or

Nothing in return


Thereís nothing to be

Gained by working for

White Privilege


The only hope

Is White Privilege

Notices how badly

They treat or allow

Others to treat

Oneís own

Indigenous Wife


White privilege loves

To have oneís wife

Treated badly

Because the abuse

Makes White Privilege

Feel esteemed


So, why am I here?

I fell in love with

White Privilege Abuse

Therefore I contribute

And give of myself

When respect is very difficult

To come by


The wife of White Privilege

Ought to be treated well

With high regard

Whether Indigenous or not


Instead I have to sit on the floor

And shine my husbandís shoes

Because not even my

White Privilege husband

Looks out for me

Because White Privilege

Always wants to be admired

And be given preferential treatment

So long as I clean

And donít complain about

Always being left out

Or having to carry the load

Or having to put up with

White Privilege hatred


Yes, I deserve a medal

For just being here

And constantly

Discarded, hated and used


White privilege doesnít

Like to be told

ďNo, youíre wrong.Ē


White privilege wants

To be admired

So long as the

Indigenous go without

Much of any resources


White Privilege Abuse

Loves to exclude

The Indigenous

While we clean, work and work

Without much compensation,

Reward or pay


Americans are Inclusive

By Nature

As a Country

Full of Immigrants,

Refugees and Adoptees


Weíre a country

For which doesnít


Our Adoptees,


Or Refugees

Or Non-vaxxers


Americans Are Fierce

Weíre not

A Nation/State

Of perverts or pedophiles


Yes, I respect

Each and every



No, I donít call out people

Unless they are

Nearly on top of me

Then I go New York, New York


Let out

A verbal diatribe


Usually, I freeze,

Each and every time

Anyone is a pervert with me

Then I

Properly react

With Verbal Strength


It takes me a moment

To react

Or to get reactionary


This past September 2021

While entering one

Of the light rail cars

I was yanked backwards

By a black man

On a bicycle

Grabbed my backpack,

I got loose

Unto the subway car

And got away



This October 2021

I was held at gun point

Three weeks later,

The gun man

Apologized to me

And now weíre friends.


The gun man

Promises there will be

No more violent outbursts

From him

Because I gave him

The Lecture of a Lifetime

About how Americans

Arenít stupid and violence

Simply because someone holds

A Difference in Matter of Opinion


The gun man

And I will not ever again

Have problems

Between us

On The West Bank,

Minneapolis, Minnesota


The only real thing

In the world is

Respectful Communications


However, if youíre

An abuser and believe

You deserve to be violent

Then others

Will put you in your place


No, I have not ever been

A Prostitute,

No, I havenít ever been

A Drug dealer

No, I havenít ever been

A Stripper


No matter how much

My abusers call me

A ďprostituteĒ

I havenít ever had that

Type of money



No, I havenít ever

Committed a Crime

I havenít.

No, I donít know how to

Committee a crime

Yes, I follow the law.


No, I donít break the law.

No, I donít even J-Walk.


No, I havenít ever

Been institutionalized

For any reason

Because I am

A logic and reason


A Public Writer

Who makes

Sense out of the world


Itís my job to

Find metaphors, parodies,

Far-fetched imaginary examples

And analogies

In the endeavor of Life


As a public writer

My job is to always

Tell the truth.


No, Iím not a ďpubicĒ writer

As White Privilege tells me

Yes, Iím a Public Writer.


No, I donít ever thief,

Lie or do anything

Out of misconduct


I am

A Public Writer


Yes, Iím under oath

To tell events,

Happenings and words

Exactly as they occur


Yes, I can quote anyone


Yes, Iím smart, kind and intelligent

Even if White Privilege Abuse

Says otherwise


The woman comes first.


The woman is more important

Than the man

Because men take advantage


No man ever allows for his

Wife to have to sit on the floor

Or to have to go without resources

Because the man wants

To be noticed more than the Wife

While the Wife has to always

Be in a supporting role


I havenít been supported in so long

I miss feeling like a human

Who is loved, respected and cared for


I miss being treated like a whole human


The injustice is to always have

White Privilege Abuse think

White privilege is better

Than the Indigenous



Truly Yours;

Gabriela Holm Normandin

ďPura VidaĒ Costa Rican for ďTo The Good LifeĒ

Copyright 2022 Holm Digital All Rights Reserved.


Tuesday, February 8, 2022




(Leo Rostenís Treasury of Jewish Quotations)





A book: ďManners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home TrainingĒ By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public

Or at the house


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.




Upload: 4:16pmCT

Word Count: 1,975

Word Count Goal for the week: 1,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000




††††††††† Hi. Hello.


††††††††† Happy Tuesday!




††††††††† Correction: From ďvaxxersĒ to non vaxxersĒ. Thank you.


††††††††† Yes, Iíll make corrections.




††††††††† Monthly Stimulus Checks for all USA Citizens Forever:


††††††††† Fourth Stimulus Check will be passed by all States:




††††††††† No Private Lawsuits:


††††††††† Nobodyís going to sue anybody.


††††††††† Nobody sues me because I donít have a penny. Plus, taking the stand on any subject matter is a public court record. Yes! I love public court records.


††††††††† Yes, I hold multiple degrees.




††††††††† After Three Years: All Domestic Violence Abuse Stopped:


††††††††† We Celebrate:

††††††††† 54-Days with Zero Physical Domestic Violence Abuse:


††††††††† Day Fifty-Four with zero physical domestic violence abuse:

††††††††† Excellent, letís commence forward.


††††††††† Although, for the second winter in a row I did acquire frostbite to my eyelids, fingers and toes while locked out for which Iím told I lock the door behind me yet I double check the door otherwise one can lose limbs in this freezing weather.


††††††††† No, Iím not broken.


††††††††† No, my bodyís not broken. I work just fine.


††††††††† No, my mind doesnít ever break because I read and read and read and write.


††††††††† Yes, Iím designing and building an entire Empireís website titled: ďGreekCosta.comĒ Yes, I, alone, own 50% of the rights.


††††††††† Yes, Iím one year behind schedule on launching a Vlog about communications:


††††††††† Yes, once people see me speak or talk then people approach me and tell me they know, I know exactly what Iím talking about and I direct, kind and smart. I donít ever pretend to know anything except to conduct further research.


††††††††† Hence I have the body I do which I have endured physical pain and the secret and knowledge about diseases and broken bones is hence forth one heals then the wound or fracture area on the body is stronger and ten times more established than before the disease or wound.




††††††††† The threat to threaten to have your spouse go homeless is illegal:


††††††††† No, Iím not homeless.

††††††††† Nobodyís ever homeless.

††††††††† Yes, I live in an estate.

††††††††† Yes. I live in an apartment or ďguest houseĒ.


††††††††† For the love of God, for three years running I have held residency at our estate and abode and shoveled, vacuumed, washed laundry, cleaned and dusted for years and years and years even if anyone says otherwise. I more than contribute to our estate and do ad sales at the office as well as clean the office.


††††††††† Yes, boss is also janitor, especially.


††††††††† The threat was: (as in past tense) To possibly go homeless which the threat makes one nearly have a heart attack on a daily basis until seventeen days ago all threats stopped and all parties get along. Whew!


††††††††† This week I took my husbandís mom to the dentist and to Infusion. Whew!


††††††††† No, I donít ever lie about anything because I publically write and writing is legal terms since writing is all legalities. Yep.


††††††††† The main reason why only writers stare (if at all because I hate to stare at anyone unless people stare at me) is because writers hold creative license to make distinctions for which laypeople donít.


††††††††† No, Iím no fool or joke. Iím an intelligent human who is Patriotic and loves anything USA yet classy and reserved. Iím quiet. I donít ever yell unless being psychologically tortured through verbal abuse or physically locked in then I panic and cry like a baby.


††††††††† No, I guess I donít sleep like the expression: ďSleep like a baby.Ē


††††††††† No, I fall asleep and Iím asleep and I see pitch black in my eyeballs and all is quiet and calm and I donít hear or see anything. I sleep. I love sleep.


††††††††† Sleep and I are best friends. I get eight solid hours of sleep. Iím a sleepyhead, I love to stay in bed and do nothing, alas.


††††††††† Lots of paperwork and work in general so I work seven days a week because the estate and office ask of it thus I do.


††††††††† Three straight years of none stop remote work.




††††††††† Remote Work from Home, Rules:


††††††††† Downtown, Minneapolis, Minnesota is Gorgeous!


††††††††† When one works remote then one works more and longer hours because faster and better work is done by way of remote work from home.


††††††††† Although, for people who require or want to go to the office then I conduct my medical appointments downtown, Minneapolis, Minnesota because itís the most beautiful place to be. Iím not ever afraid of Uptown or Downtown, Minneapolis, MN. I travel by Lyft or light rail.


††††††††† The shootings in the Twin Cities Metro Area require to all completely stopping because all of this gun violence is stupid.




††††††††† Yes, I verbally and in a dignified manner stand up for myself:


††††††††† Yes, I have finally gone quiet even whenever I am called a ďcuntĒ or ďMexican whoreĒ for three straight hours per day.


††††††††† No, I no longer participate in verbal abuse because weeks and weeks of Coupleís Talk-Therapy truly did help to stop physical domestic violence abuse. Iím so grateful.


††††††††† Weíre working on stopping all verbal abuse against me because Iíve gone silent, quiet and happy-go-lucky as always since I donít participate in hatred speech yet I stand up for myself and use short phrases and articulate words such as, ďHusband, please donít swear at me.Ē


††††††††† The threat of always being kicked out is psychological abuse because then the victimized party isnít ever allowed to relax at home and be comfortable if one puts a dirty dish in the dishwasher and others hate the way the dirty dish was placed into the dishwasher still yet doesnít warrant verbal abuse or the threat of being thrown out or if one doesnít want anyone doing oneís own bedding and laundry so finger oils donít get all over the clothes and bedding then one doesnít have to smell someone elseís peanut, coffee or fish oil finger oils.


††††††††† Cleaning is chemistry and biology.


††††††††† The threat of losing my home is no longer a threat.


††††††††† Whew! I went quiet, silent and obedient which by nature Iím subservient, however, the moments Iím personally continually criticized, hated or verbally abused then I calmly and quietly stand up for myself and deescalate the situation with quietly and calmly saying; ďPlease, donít call me a ĎMexican whoreí in the exercise ball isle of Menards because I asked you to please move over and make room for me whenever we walk. Iím not asking for much and still went ahead and applied for SNAP and food stamps. Thank you.Ē




††††††††† Life Notes:

††††††††† Mature Adulthood.

††††††††† Letís Commence Forward.




††††††††† Slower Driving in-town:


††††††††† Slow driving in general.


††††††††† Yes, Iím a great driver. I drive like an Ďold ladyí.


††††††††† No, I donít drive like an ďold womanĒ feeble and scared, although I am scared to get behind the wheel once per year because I am out of practice.


††††††††† Truly, Iím an Indigenous peasant and must keep up disciplines and skills otherwise my dream job would be to work remote and watch movies and study visual art on my own as a person to then Vlog my thoughts about anything with logic and reason to intelligently speak about any subject matter for which I do. I read a lot of a lot so I can talk just about any subject matter with smart logic and reason thus I am a public writer.


††††††††† Writing is 90% showing up, 110% reading and research and 25% tying, 1000% thinking as to how to best get across a succinct and direct point since I am ESL then we donít have the stupidity to get caught up in emotional upheaval over words because I mean what I say and I say what I mean, the world is reading.


††††††††† Thank you for nearly twelve years of readership in India, Far East Europe and South America. Wo!


††††††††† No, I donít ever hardly think about the numbers of readership because after a thousand readers, it is one, too, many eyeballs reading about my life and quite well understood my logic and reason therefore permission to continue to write is granted by millions of readers. Cool.


††††††††† Yes, I do get terrible stage fright to publically write so I stall and wash dishes, vacuum, self care (floss mainly, wash hands) or dust furniture or open up an ad agency or build a website or write contracts or practice writing the one Billion dollar grant (with a B) or do ad sales over the phone to marketing executives rather than actually sit down to write to eight million readership who know Iím here over the years covering intelligent topics for nearly twelve years throughout the years with barely many breaks.


††††††††† Yes, I have a background as broadcast engineer and fifteen years as an educational documentary filmmaker.


††††††††† Yes, I publically write as a blogger and cover a wide range of topics and current events. Please, I do live under a rock and I do get out if only necessary.


††††††††† No, I definitely donít drive like a ďgrandmaĒ since ďGrandmasĒ are the most aggressive, mean spirited and fast and dangerous drivers.




††††††††† Yes, I do have three commencement speeches written:


††††††††† Yeah, I do have three or four commencement speeches written as well as Veterans Day speeches only because as an educated peasant Maya public writer Iím emailed at info@taviettefilms.com and asked to please write about XYZ.


††††††††† So I do. I research and read about fifteen thousand articles or more per month. I read, read, read. Yep.


††††††††† Yes, I research files, sources, dates, places and organic produce because thatís where natural organic medicinal are thus thereís life, hope (always, hope: Except not stupid hope: Real Hope since I have been volunteering neighborhood garbage clean-up since the age of fourteen as well as replanting of dune grasses) and true communications across mass media, multi-media and social platforms.


††††††††† Some speeches I publish others I havenít because what on Earth can I say to anyone about life. Nothing. Only written words with logic and reason since Iím not here by mistake, I was granted permission by Harvard Ivy League to publically write and write anything and donít ever let anyoneís aggressive misbehavior or hatred keep any public writer from writing: What, Where, When, Who, How and Why?


††††††††† The Worldís watching and reading. Present. Iím over this channel and this line because I am a volunteer public writer and public writers are the only people with license to stare at anyone in public so civilization is expected to always be on its best behavior and comply by The Humanities.




††††††††† No Lawsuits:


††††††††† No, I donít expect or care or need to bring forth a lawsuit against anyone.


††††††††† When family friends of the In-Laws only called once a year at Thanksgiving for the entire two first two years of my marriage then last May 2021 anonymously called the police and lied I had murdered my husband then I do feel harassed by the In-Lawsí family friends who have not ever been here or asked to be here.


††††††††† Letís Go:


††††††††† Look, Iím always here working on Paperwork.


††††††††† This is no joke: Iím publically writing in front of the entire world.


††††††††† Yes, Iím the biggest Capitalist anyone will ever meet, I believe in the Stock Market of Wall Street.


††††††††† Yes, Iím a peasant Maya public writer and no amount of millions will ever stop me from publically writing about my life.


††††††††† Quickly yet no running, astute, articulate and quietly unless one has thyroid cancer because the thyroid is enlarged therefore speaking in lower tones crushes the Adamís Apple hence putting pressure on the wind pipe, nonetheless. Letís go.


††††††††† Letís get work done because I have been here working for decades.


††††††††† Truly Yours,


††††††††† Gabriel


Tuesday, February 1, 2022




(Leo Rostenís Treasury of Jewish Quotations)





A book: ďManners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home TrainingĒ By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public

Or at the house


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.




Upload: 11:10amCT

Word Count: 818

Word Count Goal for the week: 1,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000




††††††††† Hi. Hello.


††††††††† Happy Tuesday!




Non Vaxxers

Have Human Rights,

We all have

Human Rights


The vaxxers have

Suffered Mental Illness

Because they

Are programmed

To viciously attack

Other people

Without being

Open minded

To hearing

Other perspectives


This mass psychosis

Is the same mentality

For which leads

To genocide


How did we get

So mind controlled

That Americans

Donít Trust 30% of

Our People


††††††††† In the recent conflict with Joe Rogen and Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, vaccine advocates are afraid of Joe Rogenís information and refused to watch the two-hour interview with Dr. Malone.


††††††††† Vaxxers must first look at the two-hour interview with Joe Rogen and Dr. Malone before becoming prejudiced.


††††††††† Vaxxers are programmed to not hear out diverse information.


††††††††† The unwillingness to look at the different information is a clear indication of the psychosis.


††††††††† A healthy mind wants to learn and understand.


††††††††† Vaxxers have been told by media outlets that Joe Rogen is spreading misinformation which this is untrue.


††††††††† And the vaxxers systematically refuse to watch the two-hour video interview with Dr. Malone and Joe Rogen which leads to a more fragmented society.


††††††††† Please, have vaxxers and none vaxxers meet and discuss how vaxxers have been programmed by mass media outlets and the government and NGOís.


††††††††† Non vaxxers are our family, friends, neighbors and community members for which are to be respected and listened to on the matter of vaccines as a matter not to be vaccinated.


††††††††† Whether people choose to be vaccinated or not has changed the topography for which we conduct our daily lives.


††††††††† Personally, I think thereís no need or reason or logic to exclude non vaxxers from daily societal functions because our non vaxxers are intelligent populations for which have concerned themselves with the issue of COVID-19 and quite well understand the status quo of this pandemic.


††††††††† If anything it is the non vaxxers who have stood up for the liberties, rights and pursuit of justice for the vaxxers by making the conscientious decision to pursuit legal justice for all.


††††††††† Please, donít kill the non vaxxers with racism or prejudice to implement disingenuous outcomes.


††††††††† Vaxxers do what the government has told them to do and now vaxxers have created dangerous prejudices against non vaxxers.


††††††††† Due to isolation the normal affective human interactions itís whatís causing people to see though their prejudices and implementing injustices.


††††††††† Asking vaxxers to wake up is like asking white North Americans to see privilege and their role in maintaining inequity or just plain unfairness.


††††††††† It could be said non vaxxers have made an intellectual choice not to be vaccinated while people of color are born of color and have no choice to be as they are.


††††††††† However, similarly non vaxxers have chosen to reach the conclusions they have thus that is their choice to be vaccinated and will not misplace their prejudice in the to choose or not choose otherwise.


††††††††† Vaxxers make the choice to get vaccinated while non vaxxersí information has lead non vaxxers to conclude that being vaccinated is not a choice and itís very bad.


††††††††† To be vaccinated is a choice.


††††††††† For non vaxxers to be vaccinated is to go against their truth.


††††††††† Anti vaxxers are looking at all of the information that is available to them and giving that information their choices are natural and right to trust their natural immunity and suspect people in positions of power to gain wealth and resources from a pandemic.


††††††††† The anti vaxxers goal is to care for the well being of their families, friends, neighbors, communities and their loved ones.


††††††††† Personally, Iím vaccinated and choose to continue to be vaccinated yet as a staunch American I donít believe this is the right choice for everyone and their bodies, health and well being.


††††††††† Personally, I love vaccines and am the first one to line up for vaccines, however, I donít believe in making vaccinations a mandate or an order for which people must put poison into their bodies for which they donít adhere to.


††††††††† Personally, I love vaccines yet I feel strongly about not dismissing non vaxxers who fight for our very rights.


††††††††† I thank the non vaxxers for their pursuit of justice for all and their incredible integrity to fight for our rights as our beautiful and incredibly amazing beautiful Americans.


††††††††† We ought to embrace the rights of non vaxxers and understand their perspectives and points of view.


††††††††† Non vaxxers are right not to be vaccinated.


††††††††† Americans donít believe in the Holocaust or the unjust unfairness to persecute our populations of non vaxxers.


††††††††† We must stand up for the rights of non vaxxers and thank them for their great contribution and service to our country.


††††††††† We donít persecute our Americans.


††††††††† We enlighten ourselves.


††††††††† We are inclusive to all matters of perspectives because weíre not Nazis. Nope.


††††††††† Yours Truly;


††††††††† Gabriel


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