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Policies into Bills

To be made into Laws



(Statistically, I will research this number)


Annually (per year) Ten Million Americans (85% women) deal with Intimate Partner Abuse which is more than all of the cancer diagnosis put together (per year) (thirty-five thousand women die per year from breast cancer, ten million  women deal with domestic violence abuse, (yikes) (which brings us to stricter laws since about 1935) and there will be laws written and passed by both Congress and Senate to deal with Intimate Partner Abuse as well as Cyber-bullying and as well as Write and Pass Anti-prejudice women laws, or anti-prejudice gay and lesbian and transgender and transsexual laws, or open “Free Trade” markets, or Monopoly regulations yet leave Amazon and Apple intact because conglomerates aren’t monopolies, Stock Market Regulations, Cannabis Legalization or EPA Expansion, or universal free healthcare and universal free Higher Education, defund police departments for the specific purpose and function to only solve hard crimes such as homicides, burglary and hate crimes and gun regulation laws, or anti-brutality police regulations and laws and anti-gun violence regulations and laws against the brutalization of black men and other minority citizens and civilians, or free childcare, or increase taxes on the wealthy 1%, or friendly environmental laws, or free early childhood classes, or free public school lunches, or ending this two decade long warfare in the Middle East and redistributing funds to veterans’ welfare and educational infrastructure, or immigration reform, or rightly so turning corporations back into what corporations are which is institutions rather than lending a false identity to corporations as individuals, or no oil pipeline through the Midwest’s heartland, equal pay for equal work, single payer healthcare system, or raise the minimum wage to $21.00 (twenty-one American dollars) hourly rate per increase (“hike”) of annual inflation in the markets according to Mr. Bill Moyers’s information and research, or voter suppression laws, or free media without politicians’ threats or bullying or intimidation against the Free Press’s journalists’ or reporters’ lives who must get home in-time for supper and a bedtime story, or modern American infrastructure such as public libraries and public arboretums and public gardens and public sculpture gardens and public solariums and atriums and public planetariums and public graveyards as safe municipal services to all American private citizens and civilians or, or, or…etc.


          Literary Disclaimer: Writing is creative literary arts. Writing isn’t real. Writing isn’t any type of psychological test. Writing isn’t conversation. Writing isn’t spoken word. Writing isn’t speech giving. Writing isn’t lectures. Writing isn’t talking. Writing isn’t actions. Writing is thoughts written down to convey logic and reason. Writing isn’t “witchcraft.” Writing is letters, punctuation and grammar.


          “Constructive criticism” feedback is for when in person or for critical papers written in school or for newspaper critics whose jobs is to write critiques about the culinary arts or the arts or films and for “writing workshops’” roundtables. Content is creative writing. Writing isn’t erratic since writing isn’t a person. Writing is ideas and thoughts and opinions. Writing is consistency to practice writing. Writing’s work. Writing English’s a task de jour.


          My main Literary Goals:


          To write with the Queen’s English.


          To write as closely as possibly to “dead white males” otherwise writing isn’t considered any good.


Writing isn’t Speaking


          Modern speech is modern.


          Modern speech’s authentically empathetic.


          Speaking isn’t writing.


          Talking isn’t writing.


          Discussion isn’t writing.


          Conversation isn’t writing.


          Creative writing’s creatively experimental in nature.


          Mother Nature is cruel at best.


          Writing’s after the fact.


          Writing isn’t any crime.


          Writing’s any discipline.


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Saturday, January 8, 2022




(Leo Rosten’s Treasury of Jewish Quotations)



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A book: “Manners Culture and Dress: of the Best American Society, including social, commercial and legal forms, Letter Writing, Invitations, &c., also valuable suggestions on Self Culture and Home Training” By Richard A. Wells, A.M., Illustrated, King, Richardson & CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., and De Moines, Iowa, 1891.


Dress Etiquette.




Chapter 26.

Page ?


For breakfasting in public

Or at the house


The above passage is indeed correctly re-copied unto this page.


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Upload: 12:41pmCT

Word Count: 1,935

Word Count Goal for the week: 1,000

Word Count Goal: 1,000


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          Hi. Hello.


          Happy Saturday!


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          Showtime Boxing

          WBC Lightweight

          World Boxing Council


          As a monogamous heterosexual exclusive married couple we stay home and watch sports during a pandemic or not during a pandemic.


          During COVID-19 it’s so disgusting to see Omicron vagina for the women who hold up the cards for the rounds to the boxing matches.


          As the women step over the ropes, I become frightened for their vaginas not to touch the ropes so the women’s vaginas don’t get any type of infection, disease or STD from saliva flung mucus on the ropes.


          Much, too, much to my surprise I find myself disgusted that no one in the boxing world cares enough for these women employees to place the women in new uniforms and be confident and sensual without the world having to see their Omicron vaginas.


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          The Timberwolves are in my heart, truly, however.


          Most of October 2021, November 2021, December 2021, The Timberwolves couldn’t make a three point shot to save their lives.


          Yes, we have tickets to the Timberwolves hometown games.


          Yes, at the Timberwolves games at the Target Center if the Timberwolves are losing then I like to fall asleep on my husband’s shoulder which then other women follow the example and they, too, fall asleep or lean into the shoulder’s of the women’s sweethearts.


          We prefer to watch the Timberwolves on Tele then we don’t have to travel to Target Center in this bitter cold.


          As far as the Timberwolves cheerleaders having to fulfill the double duty of greeters at the top of the steps, it’s disarming and creepy to have to look at them while they look at guests like meat to be devoured.


          There are some cheerleader squads that wear full on sweaters and jackets and dress appropriately for the weather and the even and such women are drop dead gorgeous leaders. Thank you.


          How about Milwaukee, Wow!


---  ---  ---


          The Vikings


          The Vikings are always in my heart. I’m a diehard fan of the Vikings no matter how many games we win or lose I love the Vikings.


          The New England Patriots and more specifically Mr. Tom Brady are teams and players I follow because I find it important to support such a tremendous athlete such as Tom Brady and his family.


---  ---  ---



Life in General


Day Twenty-three








Talk Therapy does work


Yes, I’m still sober

And don’t drink alcohol


          Yes, even though there’s been zero physical domestic violence abuse for twenty-three straight days in our relationship, I still had to make a serious call to Regions Hospital, Saint Paul, MN on Friday, January 8th, 2022 and take the responsibility to report elderly care.


          As mostly everyone knows for the past three years I have lived locked in a basement apartment separate from the main house so I haven’t seen my Mother-In-Law in since May 2021.


          My 89 year old Mother-In-Law complains I stole two bottles of blood pressure medication in early December 2021 except I’m locked in the basement and am not able to get to anything in the main part of the house.


          One week ago, my 89-year old early on-set dementia Mother-In-Law accused me of stealing her wallet for which I cried about in the backyard of our home because my husband asked me about it when he perfectly well knows I don’t have any access to the main house.


          My Mother-In-Law with early on-set dementia is extremely paranoid and makes up lies about me stealing from her when it is she who steals from me and I go without paychecks from her company because the company can’t make payroll so willingly to help out our family and our company I go without paychecks because the company can’t and won’t make payroll so no, I don’t steal from anyone.


          If anything my In-Laws steal from me.


          Very rarely do I have new boots or shoes or coats or jackets because last year for Christmas my mom sent me $400.00 dollars in gift cards and my In-Laws told me I owed them coats and boots so I bought them boots and coats and to this day I’m still freezing and dealing with frostbite because I don’t have a proper coat or boots.


          I don’t lie or steal anything.


          If anything I over give of my time energy, meager resources and still go without a paycheck to sale ad copies.


          I have zero money and even though I live in Highland Park I had to apply to food stamps at the end of December because my In-Laws will not purchase food for me unless my food is incredibly controlled so I spend money on my own groceries except my paychecks are only $200.00 every two-weeks my economical hardship is to always go without much of anything because my In-Laws don’t take good care of me, so my paychecks are now completely cut and the $200.00 I had every two weeks, I no longer have so I now have applied to food stamps because my In-Laws make my life a hardship to endure.



Wednesday, January 8th, 2022

At 6:00pmCT


          At 6:00pmCT on Wednesday I heard my Mother-In-Law whisper from the upstairs kitchen that my husband had gone into Regions Hospital and complaint about me and my attitude as a victimized to emotional abuse and verbal abuse which I don’t take kindly to. I don’t allow myself to get steamrolled.


          As my Mother-In let it slip my husband chopped me at the knees lying about me to the hospital he began to scream, “Shut up, you bitch!” To his mom, so she wouldn’t be quiet about his betrayal to me and his lies to the hospital.


          Immediately the two of them, my husband and his mom began to scream and yell while I recorded the screams and yells coming from the upstairs kitchen for which I’m locked out of therefore I may not help anyone out.


          My greatest alibi is the locked basement door.


          As I was recording the altercation between my husband and his mom, it sounded like some sort of physical restraint or some sort of physical match was occurring upstairs for which then my Mother-In-Law got quiet and I believe she was being held against her will or choked or suffocated then she let out a scream and say, “You hit me!”


          My Mother-In-Law swears, screams and tells my husband every night that he is worthless, nothing and nobody and as my husband progressively gets drunk then disaster ensues between he and his mom.


          Yes, I live sober through the nightmare of familial domestic violence abuse because even though my husband is awake and upright he won’t stop calling his mom or me, “Cunts!” “Whores!” “Prostitutes!”


          My Mother-In-Law is a monster and she has been like that her entire life. She’s a conniving and vindictive and cruel soul who puts down my husband and screams and yells at him every night for three years of me being locked in the basement apartment.


          On Thursday night, my Mother-In-Law began to scream, swear and yell and scream yet once again as she always does except this time she screamed, “Why did you hit me?”


          Wednesday night something very horrific happened to my Mother-In-Law so Friday morning I had to report it to Regions Hospital’s Infusion Center where my Mother-In-Law goes there every month for Infusion therapy for arthritis and report the incident because on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 supposedly my husband went into the hospital and complaint about me and my bad attitude about being called a “cunt” continuously throughout the months and the days of years upon years.


          Ironically, my Mother-In-Law was either hit, forcibly held against her will or choked or suffocated on Wednesday night for letting out the truth about how my husband went to the hospital and complaints a fake lie about me yet he physically hurt, harmed and did something horrible to his own mom thus and therefore I reported the violence between my husband and his mom.


          My husband and mom tell a lot of lies to cover up for their physical domestic violence abuse between the two of them which I don’t ever cause or I’m not ever a part of it because my alibi is the basement locked door so it ain’t me hitting the old women who screams, swears and yells at her son each and every night of his life about how he is a worthless man and a nobody.


          My heart breaks for these two psychopaths for which my Mother-In-Law obviously sexually abused my husband as a young child or as a young boy so my husband wants to please his monster mommy who puts him down every single night then after dinner come downstairs to our basement apartment and wants to call me names because his mom calls him names and thus their cycle of violence continues.


          Yes, I was shoved and pushed Christmas day 2021 while I frequented the kitchen for the first time in about six months while my Mother-In-Law was in the kitchen on the phone to Greece to her sister and I was wanting to make eggs since I’m not ever allowed to cook as a wife so my husband began to shove me and push me and when this happens I get scared and raise my voice because I feel like I’m going to puke all over the place and I don’t.


          So, because my Mother-In-Law loves violence against me and loves to see me get hurt and did for two years and a half watched her son either throw me to the floor in the kitchen and punch my head or punch my ears then put my face to the floor while he put his shoe over my face and my Mother-In-Law would sit there and say nothing and smile so May 2021 I stopped doing “family dinners” because I was getting physically harmed by my husband while in front of his mom and I could no longer bare this injustice.


          So I haven’t seen my Mother-In-Law since May 2021 except for Christmas Day 2021 and I was shoved and pushed by both my Mother-In-Law and my husband so I stood on the other side of the dining room table and looked my Mother-In-Law dead in the eye and said to her, “You old hag.” I meant it and I’m not sorry. I have been beaten into a bloody pulp in her kitchen while she gleefully has loved to watch me spill blood all over her kitchen floor.


          No, I don’t take bullies lying down nor do I allow for bullies to gleefully get happy simply because my blood is spilled because my Greek In-Laws have zero impulse control while I film and record everything.


          Modern Greeks aren’t good enough for anything other than murdering their wives.


          Greeks don’t impress me because I find them to be ridiculously overly emotional and violent.


          Nothing about Greece impresses me because I have been beaten by the hand of Greece so many times and I have watched Greece hurt women again and again.


          Yep, I did report the elder abuse even though I don’t like or have zero respect for my psychopath and incestuous Mother-In-Law who is incredibly dangerous because she is a compulsive liar such as in the same regards as my personality disordered husband.


          Yep. I still reported the elder abuse to the hospital because I have never encountered a man who beats his mom.


          Yours Truly;


          Gabriela Holm Normandin



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